1913 was the year of both the Federal Reserve act and the Federal Income Tax act. Funny how that works isn't it. You want a loan from a Bank and they demand collateral, so we (The American Taxpayers) become that collateral. How much do we owe the Federal Reserve Bank???? $29 Trillion? $30 Trillion??? What's a few Trillion either way? Fun Fact...Teddy Roosevelt traveled all across the country on behalf of the Bankers to convince every politician in every state to ratify the Federal Reserve act. Yeah....Good old "Rough Rider" Teddy was a Banker's boy, just another in a long line of puppets working for the International Jews for the enslavement of his own people. Teddy Roosevelt only became the President the second time because McKinley was assassinated by some deluded pawn of the Jewish bankers. It doesn't matter what dastardly event took place, you will ALWAYS find the fingerprint of the Jew on the murder weapon.