https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-53799854 TREASONOUS UK GOVERNMENT TO PUT BRIT'S HEALTH UNDER GLOBALIST TECHNOCRAT CONTROL BASED IN GERMANY! This is incredible and absolute proof that Johnson's government are fifth columnists and that this scamdemic is being used to further build technocratic global governance and give globalist institutions control over our lives yet it is a story that will no doubt be normalised by fake news MSM and missed by most social media pundits. The very government Britons tasked with taking back control from unelected centralised bodies is farming out the data of its citizens to a Globalist funded institution based in Berlin so that they can take control of our lives during an announced scamdemic such as this! Not only that they intend to give them track and trace powers over Brits. It is up to you to ensure you opt out of your local surgery and NHS collecting and farming out data gathered on you to such 3rd parties. Many Brits have no idea this happens without their express authority under "assumed consent" the new tool of tyranny that means you have to opt out of things like being an organ donor instead of opting in. #scamdemic #RKI #fifthcolumnists #NWO #globalgovernance