THE ENEMY IS ALL IN & THEY'VE COUNTED THE COST ( And So Have We The People ) ========by Bullhorn Barry (Opinion, Encouragement, & Brief Analysis) The corrupt establishment is a formidable opponent. They are willing to sacrifice everything just to stay in power. They will murder the elderly in nursing homes, allow their cities to fall into ruin & destruction, promote rioting-violence-crime and pay any price just to stay in power. Like the dark occultists of the past, they believe that a new order will rise out of their chaos. They believe that they will victoriously rise out of the ashes just like the phoenix. It's an ideology that's as old as the Bible and it believes that order will be birthed out of death & destruction. The people in power have remained in power because they are resilient and have great resolve. They have established entire networks to ensure that their house of cards never comes tumbling down. But it is coming down, and this is why they have resorted to more malevolent & destructive tactics. At this point, they have no other option but to place all of their cards on the table. They know that this war is for the conch and that they will either take home the coveted grand prize or go bust. Our enemy, the enemy of humanity, is willing to pay the ultimate price just to claim the victory. They have put their hands to the plow and they are not looking back. Their weapons are not like our weapons, but they can be very effective nonetheless. While we wield and utilize the truth, they utilize fear and a heavy hand to keep the resistors at bay. The enemy has perseverance and resolve but deep down they are all cowards.....each and every single one of them. It's fair to say, that they hate ALL who resist them. They would prefer not to have an all out war with We The People but it's too late, they pushed too far and the sleeping giant has awakened. When I say all out war, I'm not talking about physical violence. What I'm talking about, is an awakened public who is mobilized, unified and fighting in every legal and lawful way possible. And yes, civil disobedience is permissible. Like Christ said: "Be as cunning as a serpent but as innocent as a dove." In other words, we fight them in ways that are cunning, shrewd, and wise but we do it without ever stooping to their flagitious level. On paper they have the advantage point but everything isn't numbers and data. We will take possession of the conch through Strategy, Unity, Courage and Faith. We know that our opponent has great resolve and we know that they are willing to pay the cost and sacrifice all; Therefore, let it never be said of us that we cowered or backed down for we are as brave and bold as a lion. They think they have deep resolve - but we have more resolve in our tiny little pinky than they can muster up in their entire body. So Get ready, the battle has begun and we're already deep into this war and at this point - there is no turning back, only turning to each other and to God. One of my favorite scriptures for this time has been these two found in the book of Hebrews. I believe you'll find great strength in them. =====HEBREWS 10:38-39===== But the just shall live by faith; and, if he draw back, my soul does not take pleasure in him. But we do not belong to those who turn back and are destroyed, but to those who have faith and are saved. PEACE & NON-VIOLENCE #minds #covid19 #newworldorder #nwo #deepstate