A state bureaucrat wants to mandate 500 hours of training for anyone who shampoos hair at a beauty salon or barbershop — but something about her push for the bizarre new requirement just doesn’t wash. That’s because she is also a beauty school owner, The Post has found, as is a second member of the state board that licenses salon workers. A third person on the panel runs a membership and lobbying group for the cosmetology school industry. That’s out of four total board members. If their training-before-shampooing mandate passes, hair washers would have to spend an average of $13,354 on beauty school each to secure a “shampoo assistant” license. Requiring such licenses could turn on a gushing spigot of hundreds of millions of dollars for beauty school owners across the state, possibly benefiting board chairwoman Michelle D’Allaird Brenner, who is pushing the state Assembly to approve the measure. --New York shampoo assistant bill is dripping with special interests --https://nypost.com/2020/08/15/new-york-shampoo-assistant-bill-is-dripping-with-special-interests/ -RETRIEVED-Sun Aug 16 2020 18:15:42 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time)