The problem with the ghetto is both internal and external. The internal is the constant struggle of poverty, mixed with neighborhood tension, at times racial tension, and distrust between the citizenry against one another and the state. The external is the policymakers and their political posturing, these individuals are completely disconnected from the reality of their districts or jurisdiction. They serve the few thousands of voters that turnout and the handful of rich donors that vote for them, as people only focus on the Presidential election never voicing their local grievances. The 'external problem' tries to fix the internal issues in the ghetto, but the solutions brought by policymakers end up having more adverse effects (e.g. dramatic minimum wage hikes, rent controls, mandatory insurance, etc). The ghetto tends to respond with even more distaste as they feel they are robbed from yet another failed "investment". It's a cycle and it will continue. The solution is to change the mindset of those living in poor cities and promote business ownership. With the change of mindset, will eventually come to the change of policymakers. #Libertarian