~Homeschool~ THIS is our homeschool. ❤️🌿 It does not have to be complicated. In fact, the simpler, the better. And your children will thank you for it. The Erie Canal stretches for some 300+ miles between Albany and Buffalo, carved out in the 1800s as a connection to the Atlantic. We have an open section of it a couple blocks from our house, so it has become a special place for just the two of us. ❤️ It's made even better when there's gorgeous sunshine and a cool breeze, followed by collecting seeds, nuts, flowers, leaves, and other mysterious nature objects. Cap it off with intricate spider webs in the trees, a silvery caterpillar beginning construction on its chrysalis, birds calling endlessly, and hand-in-hand exploring of an off-beat trail... ...and you have school memories that Mama and Student will love forever. 🏡❤️📚🌿 What's your favorite place to go get into Nature?