Geneticist and former research director at Inserm, Alexandra Henrion-Caude discusses in this interview the origins of the virus, the usefulness of masks and confinement, the vaccine and the conflicts of interest that muzzle the “global intellectual elites”.  “What is it to be healthy? When we are in good health, we have the capacity to cope with just about any virus, bacteria, pathogen; We have the defence system given to us to fight it. ” “The immune system is ultimately a health capital that is unique to us, and that must be maintained by playing sports, avoiding being confined for 2 months, having good ventilation, good oxygenation, it is that is to say by avoiding putting on masks, by having a good diet, that is to say by having the freedom to go out and buy everything we need where it is needed to have the food diversity we need ... ” […] “On this crisis management, I do not understand why we are doing so much […] we can reasonably doubt the very word pandemic when we see that finally at the global level, at equivalent months over the other years, we do not we haven't seen the excess mortality that is expected for a pandemic. ” “If before this episode of collective madness which leads us into the wall […] I told you take a handkerchief […] spit two or three times on your handkerchief and now you keep it for two or three hours on your nose! […] You would not have done it, by your common sense. ” “It is an aberration to develop in an absolute emergency a vaccine against a virus in less than 6 months […] without being certain of not knowing any side effects […] (then) We will test on populations […] ] and therefore the horror of the horror of the horror that one arbitrarily chose South Africa to implement a forcibly vaccination […]. They are really used as guinea pigs. ” “[I am] Stunned that our global intellectual elite dared say so little, but I understood it because colleagues of exceptional quality were muzzled by the fact that they had conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical laboratories… ”
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