To the Canadians, Given the current climate of world affairs and Ghilslaine Maxwell being arrested time to pony up.By letting my ex wife get away what what she did and some of you protecting her is criminal. Apathy is a crime and what I have survived is no little unimportant footnote in the history of Canadian TV and film. If Florence was running a Brownstone (filming sex with politicians, wealthy CEO's etc) out of the Sutton Place Hotel these actions should come to light. People also have a funny way of dying around her so after over 24 years and investigating I would not be surprised to find out she was an assassin. Sounds funny right?? Much like Maria Farmer(who was the first girl to come out about Epstein) all my concerns fell on deaf ears.Epstein and now Maxwell are finally getting theirs but only because those women,the victims, did NOT give up. As for me my name, my reputation,my finances, are forever damaged and for what? The worst by far,losing my children What did I ever do?? Oh, that's right, I spoke out about my children. Tell me, have any of you ever taken the time to consider being real human beings? "I know very powerful people, you will lose everything and wish you were dead" Quote from my wife at the farm, Fall, 1995. I write this now, after all these years knowing that I am sure none of you ever gave a second thought to me or the situation I found myself in. My life, the one I thought I was living, was destroyed the day I came home from Los Angeles to discover bruises on my wife's face. After that, my children told me of men hitting mommy and the rest, most of you know but don’t believe. Well, let me tell you, it has been a living hell for most of the past 24 years and yes, I may have made a difference exposing child abuse and the ills of the Entertainment business no matter how damn hard you all tried to shut me up. I have, like a one-man band, created short films, plays and now feature films, all of which deal with my fucking harassment. The first short went to Clermont Ferrand and it traveled with them to different festivals. Of course, Telefilm Canada tried to take credit for helping me, which was bullshit. I made it, with the help of people working for free, for the sum total of 55 dollars. It was considered one of the best of that year(2002). Next, I wrote a play Lot Lizards and against the wishes of these creeps that were harassing me, it too traveled and we took it to Prague because (this is where God comes into the equation) a woman who was previously artistic director of the Edinburgh Fringe festival, had read about it in a London Ontario Fringe program and it peaked her interest. She came to see it and loved it and helped us mount in Prague, where she was the director of an invited fringe festival. Not that the local press didn’t try to shut it down. I've also had over 10 solo art shows, some at prestigious art galleries around the world and even been included in Museum collection shows. A book available at the Musee des Beaux Arts features one of my paintings. My art also deals with what has happened to me and my children and the harassment and blacklisting. Man, oh man, how are they ever going to stop the bleeding, I just keep coming back. Why do you keep complaining, you may scream, you piece of crap Jerry Jordan? Because someone threatened to hurt my 4-year-old son and all of you seemed to be on board with that. Don’t give a fuck if it was the Queen of England, NO ONE had a right to threaten my son and my children and then turn this fucking harassment (including attempts on my life and getting beat up left for dead on two occasions) against me. Oh, but Jerry, you had so much fun telling me to forget about my 'kids' and get over it while I was homeless living on the streets of Los Angeles. Oh man, you had your fun didn't you Jordan? When I showed up to get money owed to me but for 4 days in a row, "Oh gee Steve, the accountant hasn't come in yet" while I slept on a park bench in downtown Toronto. What makes you an incredible piece of crap is you seemed to m enjoy my misery. Seems like your thing, other people's misery All my art shows have in one way or another dealt with abuse and targeting or gang stalking. It has consumed my life because this is what I know now. There are no options for people like me. My art has had some of the best receptions of any art shows in Montreal from say 2007- 2010. Am I complaining? Am I some pathetic victim? Hardly. All this because I wanted to know who beat up my wife and threatened my 4-year-old son. Wow!! I did a video game once, Deus Ex - Human Revolution. I begged Susan to submit me, thought it might be fun. Sure, I fucked up at one point and showed up in bad shape ONCE (combination of alcohol and medication I was taking for Cat Scratch Fever, funny but true) but look at what happened. I was sober for years after and really turned my life around, yet the voice work seemed to dry up. As you may know, my name was not listed as the voice for David Sarif in Deus Ex. I then called and told Susan about it. Oh geez, just a mistake! Yeah, I signed how many ACTRA release forms and when they sent the game out to all the reviewers (that is what the companies do, as you all well know, send it out to all gaming journalists and publications BEFORE it officially comes out. Yet, not until the actual day of release, did I discover my character was listed to actor unknown. “Oh, they just made a mistake”. Come on, you co-star in a big video game and they somehow forget your name?? I worked on it for what, like close to 3 years!! Signed how many ACTRA agreements!!!?? They even tracked me down in Morocco and set up studio time there for me to voice a few sentences. It is not plausible it is laughable. Still, some online gamers had a video award show and I was nominated for best voice in a video game that year for the world. What is insulting is that you people all thought I was buying your bullshit. You are creeps! That is as plain and simple as I can put it. You never gave a shit about me, my children or this thing called humanity. If I did fall apart and kill myself you would all breathe a sigh of relief. To date I have 3, count 'em, 3 short films all self-financed (often the ONLY film in festivals self-financed with NO government assistance). At that Montreal festival, The Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (considered one of the best innovative and cool festivals in the world) I was regarded as being an innovator. They understood my uniqueness. Claude Chamberlan, the man who started the festival, would come to my arts shows as well as readings for plays I had written. As an artist I don’t get art grants yet my art has outsold many artists that get the grants and have the institutions behind them. I have been featured in Museum sponsored shows and was again, the only artist not endorsed by the Oligarchs. My children mattered you awful people!! A feature film I wrote and directed recently, played at festivals and has had huge positive response. Still, I work in restaurants and do construction to help make ends meet. People I have mentored (like Sebastien Pilote), are winning awards at the Cannes Film festival. But nothing for this guy, me. Why? Because I wanted to know who beat my wife and threatened my son. What am I crying about?? Because you all wanted me to shut up and go away. I never meant one fucking thing to any of you. How did this all start?? You tell me. I will tell you how it started as far as I am concerned. I'd started acting classes briefly in New York in the early 80’s and then when travelling through Los Angeles met a man who mentored me and became my business manager. I guess he saw me as a potential money maker, maybe a shit actor on a TV Series. I had some agents, including William Morris, but nothing really clicked for me. After William Morris let me go, I was determined to learn this craft called acting. I started studying with Peggy Feury at the Loft and fell I love, for the first time, with acting. I was maybe their most determined actor at the time and would drive to Oklahoma to do research for a scene in class. Sean Penn and I would be routinely invited up to their house on the weekends They knew that I was getting it and after I started getting work in Los Angeles. I didn’t start my career in Canada, no, I was always a Los Angeles actor who happened to be a Canadian. Oh, and by the way, I NEVER wanted any Canadian agent, at that time. I had agents in Los Angeles, New York. I had been with, at different times, William Morris, A.P.A. (for years) and Gersh. To be honest you were bush league. I signed with you Jerry for voice work, which in fairness, you helped me get going Lesa, how did we meet? You'd worked for Carol Jackson when she had an agency where I conducted a weekend workshop for actors. I went for a coffee or a drink with you and recited a poem. Many years later. after my career was going well (Just completed A River Runs Through It) I was in a restaurant bar after driving a friend John Segal, who was also initially on the board of directors of a film company I was starting with good old John Hardy who I will mention later. I was there and I saw a cab pull up in the front of the restaurant and a frazzled you (Lesa) jumped out, looking around, all frantic until you spotted me at the bar. I'd met you briefly years before at another agency where I had conducted an acting class for a weekend. We chatted a bit, you explained you now had an agency and did I have an agent in Vancouver? I agreed to call you in the next couple days. I went down and saw you and agreed to help you get your acting agency going. You remember any of this ? I do, pretty good huh, for a guy who has been harassed for 24 years? Yup, I really am not such a dummy as many have now figured out. My recall is pretty good. Frightens people for good reason. And just to be clear, you could ask John Segal if you reach him, I had put him up at my Hollywood Hills house. I had known him since I was wild model in London England and as he was having a hard-emotional time back in 1991–92, I'd offered to drive him from L.A. to Vancouver and get him settled up there. Friends do those things; besides, I was VERY unhappy after marrying this young French woman who I had almost nothing in common with. I wasn’t happy in that marriage, a marriage I agreed to because I didn’t want to NOT be in my second’s son’s life, like what had happened before with a woman called Velina Houston, a U.S.C. professor of Theatre who, despite me paying child support even before a blood test was performed, her lawyers still kept me in court costing me 100's of thousands of dollars, complaining I was hiding money. Back then, I had one source of income plus I had a business management company that paid my bills and cashed my checks, in other words, everything was accounted for. I sold my beautiful house in Hollywood Hills to pay her lawyers but they didn't stop, even after that. I had applied for a green card for Florence but it would take years to come through. She couldn't work (new mother and couldn't have anyway as she had no papers) so the responsibility was solely on me. I had bought the farm during Counterstrike and the market was soft for selling. I did not want to leave L.A. That is where I had my career, not Canada, but out of concern for Florence and my son I thought it best to return to the farm. I rationalized that the children would have a 'normal' upbringing on a farm and back in Canada, away from the superficial scene that does make up a lot of Los Angeles. But as for my career, it was not so good plus, I couldn't have been more wrong about a normal upbringing. At that time, I knew Florence was pregnant again and I ignored any inconsistencies as far as the dates of conception and the fact that I was in another country during that time. Truthfully, I wasn't in love with Florence, I married her because she was pregnant and she said she had no friends and hated her family. She didn't seem to care much for me either and complained the house was too big, she hated Hollywood. Looking back, I was stuck and trying to do the right thing. She made no effort to try to be my wife back then and it pissed me off that she was so indifferent to all my friends and that I could never please her, even though throughout that marriage I cooked all the meals, when I wasn't filming and stocked up the freezer for the times I was away. I was the caregiver for those children (if one of them say, fell down some stairs she would just stare at them, unable to go over and pick them up) Yeah stuck is about right. By the way, she always stressed how much she hated women and didn't want female friends. I bet. Kind of hard when you are a sex slave, assassin child trafficker or whatever the hell she is Around this time, I'd bought a motor home and the plan was to go on a vacation. I'd gone to Vancouver Canada where I had meetings with stock brokers up there because I wanted to start a production company. Later a friend of a friend, a lawyer named John A Hardy, contacted me about wanting to be involved. This was at least a year after I had taken the initial steps towards starting it. According to him and others who knew him, he claimed his father had run C.S.I.S., I think before it was known as C.S.I.S. and was still a branch of the R.C.M.P. I met with Hardy in Los Angeles on two occasions, where I'd introduced him to friends who were screenwriters, producers and most importantly distributors. He stayed with me at a then friend of mine, Maria Anaya (who turned out to be a call girl I believe, although I didn't know it at the time).Through the next couple years, I wrote treatments and screenplays, for film and T.V., some left over from the days when I wrote with Velina and we had William Morris as a literary agent. One treatment idea closely resembled the TV show 'Due South' with the exception that in my treatment, the U.S. cop was in New York, not in Chicago, as was scripted in 'Due South'. Yes, I was begged to do a double episode of that series and only when on the set, reading the script did I realize the similarities to my idea. I brought it up to Florence but she just stared out the window of my on set trailer, not even acknowledging what she must have already known. Hardy, in mid 1995,was adamant we name our company Lionsgate. In April or May 1996, after my children had been illegally taken out of Canada and after I'd had an insane amount of harassment, attempts on my life , including safety box break ins, I met with Hardy. He had insisted on meeting me in Gastown in Vancouver, at a mall that had 3 or 4 levels to it. He also insisted we meet at a coffee kiosk in the middle of the ground level of said mall, and through all this conversation, he kept glancing up, as if he had people on the lookout. He told me to my face that we never had a production company. I was dumbfounded. Hell, others knew I was starting this company, what about all the people I had introduced him to?? I begged him to ask his father to help me figure out who was stalking me, he said, "my father spent his whole life killing people". Then went on to say, "he has no friends that could help you". Last thing he said, which in retrospect was pretty cryptic, was "Keep your mouth shut about your kids or you are dead". I was so overwhelmed by what he'd said, especially about my children, that I just sat there numb as he picked up his briefcase and left. Much of my last 24 and half years I have felt that way. Just kicked in the solar plexus. I was never a drug person thank God I didn't have that as a crutch but I did drink, sometimes excessively because it has all been so traumatic. Where could I have turned?? I tried with The Hague, who initially helped me and believed my children were illegally taken from Canada but then that all fell apart My lawyers resigned from my case the day of the trials. First one then the other. I talked to that first lawyer, Mr. Dupont on the phone after it all transpired and I can tell you, he sure as hell was afraid of something. Too long to explain but trust me. Even trying to deny that it was him when I surprised him with a phone call I do currently have P.T.S.D. and am getting help for that. I have never, NEVER, been diagnosed with any mental illness despite what people (yes you Lesa) have said about me. I try to take care of myself, physically but the stress has taken a toll. I have been to many ( in the past 25 crazy years) therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and no. No bi polar, no schizophrenia. Sorry. I write all this because I cannot, with a decent conscious, let you get away with this. Too many young vulnerable actors and writers are out there. You kind of people don’t care. Almost no one has those abilities anymore. Kindness and empathy, gee, what's that? Think of the Residential school scenario. Jimmy Savile, this is who the powers that be support. Everyone kept their mouth shut about Savile for fear of losing their jobs!!? Look around, what with Epstein, Kevin Spacey, Paul Haggis (who'd made up a lie about me shoving his niece, which I never did), recently Peter Nygard plus many many others (and still more to come). R Kelly got away with his abuse for years and no one said anything!! Apathy is our real enemy in this world. Child abuse, rape, you allow it to happen, you actually cover up for it because why…you justify somehow in your own personal sickness that I deserved this but my children didn't and chances are, from everything I now know, my children were abused. Florence was abused by her father and given her D.I.D. she fits the profile of ritual abuse, which is a generational family problem. She was in fact a victim I believe, of being trafficked and used. I try so damn hard with a Christian mindset but the pain of these memories (and there are more) drives me mad. Who gets off on another person's misery? Everyone in that industry, almost from the inception of my harassment, has told me to move on..."forget about your fucking kids and maybe you will work again", but I don't know what I am moving on from, plus the constant 24-7 surveillance and harassment made it kind of hard.to move on. You are always reminded, 'we know where you are, we know who you have contacted, what assistance you are trying to secure and we can break in any residence you are staying at'. Was I set up that time on that film you forced me into in France Lesa?? Did they drug my drink (well yes, they most certainly did) and perhaps throw a child in bed with me?? Well if they did, I want to know!! I want to know why I became the most hated man in the business for simple wanting to know who beat up Florence and who threatened my son and why?? What did I ever do to any of you or anyone for that matter?? Was Florence selling my children if not, why did she smash a light I turned on that I never used, a big orange floodlight next to the farmhouse? Why were cars waiting a half a mile from the farm and when I approached, they raced off? Why was I under constant surveillance from late 95 until 2000?? Every fucking day!! Break-ins, paper work stolen, cars following me, constant phone calls when I was hiding out, death threats, bank accounts emptied and through all of this, no one that could help. PI's I hired suddenly drop my case, as do lawyers, even the Hague, which initially helped me, then suddenly, all lawyers assigned to me drop my case or retire from it the day of trial. I lived each day back then like it was my last day. I didn't want to offend God, so yes, I guess I came off as a wimp because I did not buy a gun, or throw anyone up against a wall demanding the truth. Plus everyone was saying how violent I was and I did NOT want to jeopardize my chances of saving my children. Sadly,I honestly thought someone would tell me the truth, put me out of my misery but instead, smirks and ridicule by people like you Jerry Jordan, and lies spoken about me, people told I couldn't work, that I was crazy all while enduring the harassment. All copies of that last fateful micro cassette recording of Morgan's talk with me in the Cambridge Suites hotel, located and stolen. We are talking about over 200 copies I made of that. Paperwork for Lionsgate stolen as well as all scripts and treatment ideas, stolen. Working wouldn't have been a relief in the situation I found myself in but I guess that never crossed your mind huh Lesa. You forced me into that film (never having seen the script or knowing that I would be playing a child trafficker in the film) when for all intents and purposes, I should NOT have been made to work, not at that point, it was all just beginning and only a few days after someone had threatened my 4 year old son and stolen him from the Hotel room. The Cambridge Hotel I took Morgan into Toronto. Florence knew this.I even called her and tried my best to act normal given that the same taxi cab had followed me for miles and when I phoned the receptionist downstairs and asked if he was still out front,she said yes. She also said that people from the hotel had tried to take that cab but he refused,waiting for hours out front. Once in the room I ordered food for Morgan and myself and we watched T.V. At about 9:00 in the evening I check to see if the cab is still there.He is. Then,as we are on the sofa watching T.V we both hear a loud sound coming from the the ceiling or what appeared to be the heating duct It sounded like some kind of animal, maybe a raccoon, that had crawled up into it. I was already freaked out about her being a prostitute and what the children had told me but tried my best to remain calm with him. The next morning (the cab finally gone) we walked to the Eaton center and went to McDonalds and then later visited Japan Camera where I purchased a micro cassette recorder. My goal was to have Morgan reiterate some of what he had told me and anything else. We then returned o the Hotel. Up in the room I checked to make sure the address book was still in the closet under the blanket and pillows. It was.I then went through my paperwork and the children's birth certificates were still there. See, things especially paperwork,had started disappearing plus all the other crazy goings on had made me a little jumpy. I sat down on the couch next to Morgan and began asking him questions but I had left the cartoons on as I didn't want to traumatize him or make him feel nervous. I could already sense he had been coached to not talk to me.He didn't want to talk about the trailer but I told him he was a good boy and he should tell me the truth. Morgan told me of men hitting mommy at the trailer at the gas station as well as other things. I could feel him getting a little more tense so I gave it a break. I knew from the night before that he could not open the large door handle and I left to retrieve some paperwork I had stored in the manager's office.I had stayed often at that hotel when working on a film in Toronto (Lesa and Jerry you may remember) I almost always requested it. The manager and I had become friends as a result.The fact that I was paranoid enough back then to hide paperwork in his office should tell you or be an indication that things were disappearing.Prior to this I had no history of paranoia and anyone that knows me knows if anything, I was too trusting.Never even checked a phone bill before this or a credit card charge that Florence made.When I returned to our hotel room( I was gone for like seriously, 3 minutes) I saw a tall man outside our door. Burnt carbon was on the floor next to him and what looked lie a headset was on his head.This was before headsets became the rage(least I think it was a headset,it was in his ear) My only concern in that moment was Morgan!!I race in the room and Morgan is on the couch crying. I ask him what is wrong?He can't answer.I hold him and console him. I tell how much I love him and plead with him to tell me what happened.He tells me he (through tears) can't talk to me that the man is going to hurt him. I turn the micro cassette on.He tells me that a man came in the room and threatened to hurt him if he talked to me. What the hell is going on?? I open the door to our hotel room, no tall guy. At that point I knew I wasn't just dealing with Florence being a hooker at a gas station!!!! I turn off the cassette and look for the hidden address book ( which I took when I found it is her suitcase trying to steal it from me and yes, I told the police it was mine and they agreed I could have it back).It is not there. I take out the pillow and the blanket,I get on a chair to look. It is gone. I check the pillow and the blanket. Nothing.I then o to the paperwork pile on a nearby table. The pile was about 6 inches high. In middle I had hidden the birth certificates.I go through all of the papers. Gone. I go back to comfort Morgan. He had said that the man said that see wouldn't see his mommy again if he talked to me. I told him of course your going to see mommy. Not ever being exposed to any of this my mind is racing. I thought maybe she was mixed up with bikers but this was a whole new level. I was stunned.Now I have a better understanding of all of it. The hotel reception calls and says my wife is in the lobby. I (man do I have guilt about this) I leave Morgan in the room,knowing he can't open the door but also fearful for him being alone again) go down and no Florence.I see a elevator door open and there is Florence, holding Morgan.I insist we go to the room, I tell Florence last chance to tell me the damn truth.Last time I am going to trust her I say. She has to tell me what is going on. I get out on the floor( I think it was the 12 floor) and as I am waling to the room (assuming she is following) the elevator door close. NO Florence or Morgan.I am an idiot!!!! Why did I trust she was walking behind me? I take the stairs down to the lobby but it now swarming with what I can conclude were spy agency people mixed possibly with undercover police.I raced outside and see some townies from Orangeville leaving in car Florence and Morgan in the back seat. I am pretty sure those townies had no idea what had just transpired or the level that Florence was somehow connected to those kind of people. Rather than get in my car I just kinda collapsed. I had been,prior to all this, never been afraid of anything, I was a wildman and a risk taker.But, what could I do?? .If Morgan's life was in jeopardy for simply talking to me... I don't know what she told those townie people but they had been friends of mine too.I had never done anything to any of them. Later I found out Florence had gone to the Women's Abuse Shelter!! Haha, unreal when I was trying to protect her and out who had hit her. I collapsed for the rest of that day and night. I woke up the next day,the bed was as if I had dumped a bucket of water on it. I was soaked as well.I guess fear can do that. I left for New York (after some more surveillance craziness) and then went to New Orleans, I don't know why. While in New Orleans I got that message from you Lesa where I told you I couldn't work. Florence returned to the farm and left constant messages.From that moment on,no matter where I stayed I was asked to leave in the morning for no reason ( even though parking lots were empty and I was told I could stay as long as I wanted the night before. and arrested and questioned train stations such as Chicago. Cars followed me and even something as simple as a truck stop I would be told,while in the bathroom,that I was a dead man walking. For years my life was never the same.Oh I tried to act 'normal'for dickheads like you Jerry and Lesa, but not one day, for years, I was ever left alone. Don't care if you believe me anymore.Years I hung unto these secrets knowing no one would believe me.I have a ton of written down chicken scratches about all of this and things I never talked about including black whisper helicopters and until recently,the break ins at safety boxes in banks. Funny none of that was the weirdest or the scariest. It was the occult paranormal stuffbut onceI connected with Christ,that all fell apart like schoolyard bully that you finally beat the shit out of. After completing that film in France where I was constantly harassed and NEVER had I been treated so poorly by a director. His name is Fred Gerber. I was 'surprised' with the task of having to speak French in that film, even though I spoke no French at that time. Guess you just forgot to tell me about that Lesa. I moved out of the hotel due to a constant noise campaign and knocking at my door (no one there) and phone ringing, all hours of the night with just stupid heavy breathing etc. etc. I was getting almost no sleep. I moved onto a yacht where we had done some filming but again, after being there a few days, I now had what sounded like paramilitary boots running across the deck in the middle of the night and little notes in children's writing left for me to find, such as in the safety box, which the owners said I had the only key. Written down in chicken scratches were things EXACTLY as what Morgan had told me that day in the hotel room, plus others that read, "You CRAZY man." The owners would not leave me alone, always visiting the boat when I had a day off. They came with lots of booze which the owners would insist I drink with him, so as not to insult him. I am ashamed now that I even had one drink with them. I guess in retrospect I did it because I had already lost all my friends and I was panicking, didn't want to lose these people. One day, on a day off, they showed up with their fancy friends and some of their children. I had ONE drink with them and I remember sitting on the couch inside the yacht and could feel myself slowly drifting off. The people around me, the fancy people were all staring at me and laughing, like I was some joke or the joke was on me. I woke up about 10 hours later, in a bed I had never slept in and was naked. How did I get to that bed? What did they do when I was drugged and passed out? Even way back then, long before I had heard of Brownstone operations or ritual abuse, I was overwrought with the fear of what they could have done. Did they throw a child in bed with me? Who (and why) did someone undress me? Around this time, I'd called Elizabeth Luestig, a friend of mine and the casting director for 'A River Runs Through It'. I'd left her a message concerning my children and about Florence. Now for any doubters, I was Elizabeth's special guest at a luncheon in Los Angeles where she was honored with the casting director award for her work on 'Dances With Wolves'. She had arranged and contacted people for a birthday party she threw for me in 1992. She had also visited us on the farm just before going off to do casting for Demi Moore's film (ironically, I had dated Demi for one summer when we were both pretty young), filming I think, in Nova Scotia. Much more to add about her exchanges with Florence and her trying to tell me something, just as Florence entered the room and Elizabeth clammed up, then insisting on leaving. I was by then very reluctant to trust that family who owned the yacht. They continued to be very (overly) friendly but I couldn't trust them. We shortly after left for Nice to do more filming and we wrapped it there. Hilma, who knew you very well Lesa, and whose daughter you had once represented as a model, would not let me out of her sight. Again, every spare minute when I wasn't filming there was Hilma and her daughter. Even if I just opened my door, they were right there, on me. Why?? Was she trying to protect me? I still to this day don't know and I guess she took those secrets to her grave. Her job title was publicist but seemed more like watchdog. We all went to the wrap party where a fight broke out between the dolly grip on our film and the bartender. That scuzzy bartender had already ripped me off so I sensed he tried to steal from the grip. They were throwing glasses and bottles at each other and the cast and crew had all thrown their tables up and were cowering behind them. Knowing this was not going to end well and not wanting the grip to be arrested or charged (or killed as well) I jumped up, got him in a headlock from behind and dragged him out, slamming and locking the door. Yeah,he was furious with me but the next day, as everyone was packing up to leave, I saw on the street and walked up to him. He gave me a smile and thanked me as he figured out why I did what I did. He even bought me a beer. Well how do you think all that ended up? Yes, later I was told by numerous people that they heard I had started a fight at the wrap party!!! I tried in vain to convince them of the truth, that I was breaking up a fight. Needless to say, the rumor mill and me being this violent man (helped along by Florence, after they had stolen Morgan from the hotel room, she had gone to a women's shelter for abused women!!) Not hard to see how this could have damaged my ability to find work as an actor, but much more was at play. After filming was completed (early November) I went to Paris to talk to people at the hotel where Florence had worked. I spoke with the night manager. I explained we were separated and that I didn't know who she was. He told me (and later on a phone call I'd taped, to have it on record) that the hotel staff had learned that to deal with her, they took everything she said and assumed the opposite as she lied about everything. I sat there and cried as he told me this, finally someone that KNOWS her, what she is like. He mentioned a letter she had written to the hotel saying that she was getting into acting yet to me, to my face, she would say that acting was a joke and that she had no desire to try it. Jean also told me that they knew she was sleeping with men that stayed at the hotel, for money and jewelry. Many of the men were wealthy Arabs some from big positions in their home country. Okay, well maybe that is why she told me she hated Arab men as well as....get this, blond men. I didn't ask but later I thought how does a young woman, working as a receptionist at an upscale boutique hotel, be allowed to moonlight as a call girl?? Someone I don't know once posted on a blog that Florence Shellen, ex-wife of Stephen Shellen, worked for French intelligence and was a C.I.A. asset. Kim and I, in around 2005, had gone to France to find my children. While there, we stayed at a hotel in Nice owned by the same people that owned Residence Du Roy, the hotel in Paris where Florence worked. It was expensive, especially for us but I did it so that I could ask the management what would happen if a young woman working at the receptionist desk, was also sleeping with guests for money or jewelry. They didn't hesitate to tell me she would be fired immediately. Yet, like many things surrounding Florence she gets a pass. Was Florence filming her dalliances with wealthy powerful Arabs (ambassadors, diplomats) and was she filming those encounters for blackmail? Florence also had her own micro tool kit and she could fix almost anything electronic and small. I saw her do it and was at the time, amazed. Almost as amazing was looking out the window at the farm and seeing her do several back flips in a row. Where did these 'gifts' come from? Interesting that in the beginning of my surveillance (especially in LA) it was always middle eastern looking men, either Arabic or Israeli, that followed me. After Paris I flew to New York. My luggage had been 'misplaced' so I waited at a hotel, not sure if I should go back to the farm or not. Quite frankly I was afraid of her or what she was involved in. Florence had warned me that summer, that she knew very powerful people and that I would lose everything and wish I was dead if I didn't let it go. I checked my L.A answering service. I had a message from Elizabeth Luestig. On that message Elizabeth told me she had something to tell me but that she had to see me in person. She sounded nervous. She asked that I come to Los Angeles and meet with her. I went to Los Angeles and phoned her office. They said that she was pulled away and was out of town but that she would be back soon. Alright now all of you, what happened to Elizabeth? I got a call from an agent at A.P.A., where I used to be a client. It was she who told me that Elizabeth was dead. Poor Elizabeth, I couldn't believe it but based on what I was experiencing, round the clock surveillance, would someone have killed her so she couldn't tell me what she wanted to?? I asked the agent (used to have her name but don't anymore) if she had called the farm. The agent said yes. I then asked the million-dollar question, did she talk my wife? Yes, she had and because she wasn't sure she could have reached me she had told Florence about Elizabeth's death. This was in November 96 and Florence was back on the farm. Back then, if anyone called for me, she would begrudgingly tell me, "that Mike guy called for you" or John wants you to call him, whoever. She actually gave me the information about the nature of the call BUT, now this might make some hairs stand up, until she left the farm in January, she never told me about Elizabeth. Years later, I called France to speak to the children (even though they were not allowed to talk to me in English but they could understand when I said "I love you", I miss you". English was their first language. Florence answered. I had a friend next to me, a guy who'd worked for me when I was partners in The Pink, the bar. I had a witness so I asked Florence why she never told me about Elizabeth's death? She then began screaming at me, that I was crazy, a loser and pathetic. Complete meltdown, although I can't remember if she had gone into one of her alters. She then slammed the phone down. My friend, who was next to me and had heard her screaming, looked at me and said, "Shellen she had something to do with Elizabeth's death..." This friend's father had been in the Mob in Pittsburgh. His father was serving a life sentence for murder. If anyone could detect foul play you would think it would be him. The worst part is Elizabeth was friends with Florence as well. Elizabeth had arranged and invited people for my birthday back in 92. One more note because keep in mind, I have no closure about who or what was behind all this. You naturally ( I guess cops do this) are always trying to solve the mystery. Elizabeth, when working with Florence on who to invite (of course Florence was useless) I had walked in and I asked "hey how about Brad Pitt, should we invite him? Elizabeth in no uncertain terms absolutely said "NO. You can't invite Brad". Weird I had thought as he had been our next-door neighbor at the motel we stayed at in Livingston Montana and we had, I reckoned got along pretty good. Hell, he was the first person, outside of Florence myself and the midwife, to see my new born son Morgan. Florence and him had become friends as she had planned out some of his itinerary (especially for where to go and what to see in France) for his trip to Europe, which he was going to take after our filming was completed. I was never suspicious during the marriage. Never checked a phone bill, nothing, not UNTIL after all the harassment started. Oh, I'd had cause, many times, when she flirted with men openly that had come to our house or whispering with Robert Lantos at the Jewison Garden party for T.I.F.F. I might have asked, "what are you doing?" and been a bit hurt but I took her answers as truth. Seriously I was either an idiot, for which I take full responsibility for or maybe I was (you'll get a laugh outta this) hypnotized. Fuck me, some of the shit she pulled was unreal, going back to the marriage day, when for the night before, the bride stays at a girlfriend's place but Flo the Ho insisted on staying with a male friend of mine she had just met. Her excuse was that she hated women. By the way, she wore a man's tuxedo to the wedding, complete with top hat and tails. How very MKULTRA of her. Just to catch up after I had returned from that film in France (Nov 1995) and after I went to Los Angeles to speak with Elizabeth, I had to go to Vancouver and do some pick up shots for that film, John Hardy, partner in Lionsgate with me, had told me that he had raised 3 million from a group of Venture Capitals and that there was a meeting. I was still shell shocked from Florence, her going to a Womens Shelter yet I didn't lay a hand on her, that film in France and all the gas lighting, plus the now strange surveillance, cars following and yeah, everybody telling me it was nothing, my children were fine and of course never acknowledging the harassment or their sudden strange behavior. Hardy would tell me on the phone when I called him, (Nov 95) from L.A. that there was nothing wrong with a prostitute and that many of his friends hired them. I pleaded with him, "but my children were present", which got me nowhere. So yeah, a little later in Vancouver I did not go to that meeting for Lionsgate. Looking back, I wonder if Frank Giustra was there. My reason for mentioning all this is to let you all know that as of November 1995, I was still one of the two people starting Lionsgate and I had done almost all the legwork as far as optioning screenplays, writing story ideas and treatments for film and T.V. What happened to the 3 million??? Funny because normally that would be of real concern to someone starting a business but that all fades away when you are having constant 24/surveillance and cars (same plates) following you and the intercepting of ALL your mail and constant crank calls. I might add, I had taken Maria, a friend or so I thought until I found out she was a call girl and had been very active in keeping track of me, lifting paperwork I had and basically treating me like shit. She was involved with Charles Evans Jr., nephew of Robert Evans, the producer. But when she came with me to Vancouver, I wasn't having break ins at the hotel or any cars following me with the exception of a car running a stop sign and according to those that were on the street or in a store and saw it, the car was intentionally trying to hit us. I'd grabbed Maria at the last second and pulled her out of way, onto the pavement. Maria through me, became great friends with CSIS boy, John A Hardy. How about a film I did in Vegas (one of my last, playing that creep Jared Leto's father) where on the last shot, a shot they didn't need, I get a 6 6" ex NFL stuntman stepping INTO a punch, which he didn't do at any time previous. I was still pretty agile so I was able to lean back about 3 feet but he still hit me, blood going into the lenses. Why did they even need that shot, the sun was setting, that shot wouldn't have matched anything else we'd already shot that day, in bright sunshine and it now looked like dusk. NO apology from anyone on the crew!! Honestly, Jared Leto and Scott Rosenberg seemed disappointed and me, well, I was used to this kind of treatment by then. It was intentional. That asshole stuntman had a HUGE solid metal ring on his hand, the one that he was punching me with. That guy could have killed me. Maybe that's it, I disappointed all of you by staying alive, staying current and staying creative. Canada in general should be ashamed by how I have been treated. I am a force to be reckoned with, way stronger than I had any idea of. Years and years and years of ridicule, accusations that I am a conspiracy nut, well let me tell you, you wouldn't have much faith in the legal system and the entertainment industry if even 5 per cent of what happened to me happened to any of you. Imagine, sleeping at a supposed friend's place while they are away and you wake up, middle of the night with a red dot from a laser scope on your chest!! Imagine crossing a street in Vancouver and suddenly a car speeds up and tries to run you over but miraculously you dive out of the way (not the only time I had attempts on my life back then). People racing out of stores after, confirming that the car intentionally tried to hit me. I got used to all this. Strangers in a bar, as they walk past you, you hear them say, "You're a dead man walking". How did I react to things like this? I didn't. Years of confusion. Years of asking myself, "What did I do to anyone?" All this because my 4-year-old was threatened, but what father wouldn't be concerned, especially when the children are told to not talk to me and then actually threatened. Also, yes, when I saw the bruises on Florence's face after returning from L.A. and then her admitting to being a prostitute (by the way, unlike what she told Jim Budman, brother of Roots founder Michael Budman, I was NOT threatening her but washing her back in the bathtub, pleading with her to tell me what was going on). This then led to surveillance in Los Angeles, and being blacklisted? Why? Why did my situation on a farm in Canada cause the entire industry to blacklist me?? Who has that kind of power? Freemasons?? The Hollywood Zionist mafia?? Not just a bunch of bikers I can tell you that. I am no longer alone having concerns about Hollywood and its ties to the dark arts, Satanism and Luciferianism. Much is out there now about sex slaves in Hollywood and people that have joined some cult, not just Scientology. All the actresses and singers with their pentagrams and the one eye symbolism. I could understand before if someone thought that was nuts but not anymore. I would guess about 20 per cent of the population is now questioning these Hollywood stars and what they are indoctrinated into .Ritual abuse, believe me I know, was thought to be nothing more than 'Satanic Panic' but that too has changed. Hidden occult rituals are being exposed every day and unlike even 5 years ago, many now realize that women, as well as men, abuse children, sometimes even babies and small children. They have anal sex with a child under the age of 4 to cause splitting of their poor little minds and create alters. Much more to add on what I learned from my children since all this but suffice to say it is gruesome. Am I pissed off? Damn right I am. I was ganged up on for what? Trying to help Florence and protect my children. This cost me everything?? And to think I had the car packed with my dogs and the children and Flo the ho only came out when I took the fax machine!!! She didn't care about those children at all! I begged her to ask us to stay but no, she couldn't. My ex friend John Segal witnessed all of it. He too couldn't believe it. I am sorry about your mother Chelsea. She had a conscience because she at least put her head down and had tears in her eyes having to tell me she couldn't submit me anymore. She knew I wasn't running my mouth off to clients. I asked her point blank, did she have anyone, any clients complain about me? She couldn't answer because she knew there was no one. I will say, all work dried up shortly after you'd started the agency in Toronto and I don't think that is a coincidence. What? Did Lantos lean on you, threaten to not hire any of your actors if I was allowed to work in Montreal?? See that is the problem and why I now have P.T.S.D. There is no answer and it doesn't feel good to feel discarded and sense that those in that industry wish I would just die and go away. Perhaps some of you thought by keeping me in the dark (wow, understatement) that I would be able to stay alive but to me it was murder anyway. Why do you think there is so much attention now on not just the MeToo movement but exposing child pedophilia? Because it damages you forever. The fucking nerve of some of you expecting me to just move on, with no answers. No answers as to why I was harassed for years, which ultimately drove me to living on the streets. Through all this you realize the U.N is corrupt, UNICEF is corrupt and certainly the Clinton Foundation is corrupt. Most children's charities are nothing but a sham or an excuse to traffic children. Fuck off if you doubt me as it is becoming crystal clear to many many people. Florence's father was a freemason and if freemasons think that child abuse and destroying someone's life is okay then they deserve to be destroyed. If you wear the apron Jerry, and I bet you do, then you should re-examine what it is you follow. Research how freemasonry changed with the influences of Alister Crowley and his occult beliefs, which yes, includes blood rituals and the abuse of children. If you Lesa thought you joined the cool club by signing up for The Eastern Star understand the tentacles of occult freemasonry apply to you as well. It is the arrogance you have all shown me, that you are somehow on the inside track and I am just some loser. Speaking in terms of afterlife I am miles ahead of you. I have never in my life gotten pleasure from someone else's misery. Don't know for certain but I do believe this life we live is a test for what comes after. I could be bitter and cry out "Why God did you forsake me or my children?", but this wasn't done by God. It was done by weak people like yourselves. Why do you think child abuse is so rampant? Because too many people are apathetic.Florence belongs to a powerful vast network of very evil people. Forget about my acting career. All that I have done and created since all this harassment began (with what sometimes felt like both hands tied behind my back), should have been lauded by at least the Canadian institutions. My short films, their successes, my art shows and yes, my recent feature film, The Spark. The FACT that my name was left off the initial credits for Deus Ex Human Revolution and then the attacks I endured for a comedy video from a comedy channel no less, that is pretty telling. NOT ONE job as a result, even though online gamers considered me to be one of the top 5 voice actors in video games that year. NOT one job!! After years of blaming myself for all that transpired, I know in my heart of hearts this was not my fault. Sure, I had some anger at times and perhaps I shared some info about say Demi Moore (who I dated one summer) and her hygiene, but so what. Who did I ever hurt?? I was a bit of an asshole on Counterstrike but I was still hired by those producers for 3 others projects AFTER I had quit Counterstrike. Also, when I was in my 20's I was considered a bit of a wild man but honestly, lots of actors have that reputation and they still work. I did some dumb stuff but I wasn't malicious, isn't that obvious to all of you by now?? That lawsuit with Velina ( child support) wore me down, but more out of concern for Florence and my children. I once called out a director(Jorge), to go to the parking lot and punch it out but only because he was shitting all over the crew, I was standing up for them. I went to see Mariel Hemingway on a set in Vancouver around 1996 and her hairdresser reminded me of the time I had called out the director after he had mistreated the crew. Thank God, someone for once remembers the truth, not that I was causing trouble. Hell, my ego has never been the big problem but I hate liars. My own family admitted to that. What have I learned from all this? That a very sick group of people control much of the world, in particular, the entertainment industry. It matters little what good deeds or empathy you have for others, if you end up on this list. It makes you realize the world is upside down. Being honest can be a curse and those that lie and cheat will hate you, wish you a long painful death. They want to destroy your spirit, especially if you have (and I do!) a big bold energy. Part of this must be jealousy as well. After Florence and I had returned to the farm and she continued to ignore me and had no feelings for Morgan and Lily, I asked her, "Why, why Florence did you come here, why are you with me?" She then told me, "I Came To Steal Your Fire." Sadly, not a day, not an hour goes by that I don't think about them and what I could have done differently. Same goes for Elizabeth Luestig who I do believe was murdered. I did a video about her and her death and I spell it out, what kind of person she was, that we were close friends. To think in late summer 1995 I had the car packed with the children my 2 dogs and we were leaving her but only after I had taken the fax machine did she appear. She didn't care about the children, just the fax machine. Unfortunately, I stayed. In a letter she wrote me she warned me that she had betrayed me, lied to me and that I should save the children from her!! Beginning of that fateful summer of 95 (some of you may remember this) she had gone to New York and then, when she returned said she wanted to leave the children with me indefinitely and move to New York. I was worried for the children, not having a mother present. After the prostitute confession I said, "We can all move to New York somewhere I will get you a condo and I will live someplace else but we can share the children." Secretly, after this, I was relieved to be rid of her Here is something none of you know. After my children told me of being under a blanket in the trailer at the gas station when mommy was with different men, I had confronted Florence. I'd also gone to Children's Aid and the police. The next day Florence was seen with a suitcase walking down the lane way. I stopped her and took the suitcase, then hid it away. I immediately called the police and they showed up. I just knew she was taking something of mine. The police warned me to not stop her the next time she tried to leave. I agreed and asked if I was being arrested. No, they said. I then explained that I felt she was leaving with something of mine and asked them if they would open the suitcase. I then went and retrieved the suitcase and they proceeded to open it. Inside were the children's birth certificates, my personal phone and address book and a piece of paper written in French, the subject of which, appeared to be of a financial nature. I asked if I could have my phone address book back and they suggested that Florence give me a copy of the birth certificates. I also pocketed the piece of paper written in French. Well that was most important as it was a detailed explanation on how to receive a life insurance-inheritance without being heavily taxed.In other words, how to reinvest the money to avoid the taxes. I didn't find out what that writing was about until much later. She was planning on having me murdered or suicided and being so coldblooded that she even went as far as getting advice on how to avoid paying the taxes. After the police left, Florence raced out of there, panicked. That same night I went to the gas station and saw 4 men waiting in a car. I approached the vehicle and saw the one guy in the back seat, quickly stash what looked like a gun behind his back. Not deterred, I showed them a photo of Florence and asked them if they knew her. They didn't respond other than daggers looking at me. As I drove off they began to follow me and I pulled into a neighbor's driveway, across from our farm. Their car practically came to a stop on the highway and I watched while all 4 men stared at men, then eventually they drove off. Now keep in mind, I did not yet know what that piece of paper wall all about. Instincts baby. That is what kept me alive, not just then but many times since. You have no idea what that feels like though, to have the realization that the woman you had tried to take care of, the woman who just months before was in Los Angeles, her hand on me in photos smiling, was trying to have me murdered. Yes we had some tough months financially especially with me constantly in court with Velina's lawyers, but Florence never had to work. I provided as best I could. My plans with the production company was for all of us. My own family, I have no idea about. They all turned on me it seemed. I have not spoken to them for over 20 years with the exception of my mother on a couple of occasions (saw her twice in 20 years). My older sister was intent on spreading lies about me and she stole everything that was left of my mother's, including her finances. I never did anything to her except call her a name once 22 years ago after she refused to help me. SHE IS EVIL and I don't say that to be vindictive, I mean it. She cut the head off of a cat at sixteen and joined a satanic church! The rest of the extended family will not talk to me. Prior to all this, I would be visited by some of them when I still had a house in Hollywood and my sister even visited me on the set of A River Runs Though It. See, I want a chance to forgive people. I want a chance to have some closure. I don't enjoy nor would any of you, waking up in the middle of the night, my mind swimming with the who what and why and having panic attacks remembering the harassment, death threats and confusion. Why my career was directly related to all of this and how hard I try to get over all this. P.T.S.D. is not a joke and yes, I am in therapy for that but most suffering from it at least have a good idea what they are dealing with and the events or the people that caused it. In my case, it is a vacuum. This affects everything in my life today. I have few friends now and I can say I am okay with that. I have been a stepfather to Kim's 2 children and I know they love me and respect me. They can't understand what happened to me or why. I understand and try to put it behind me when I am around them. I work out and try to maintain myself but I sometimes go weeks with bad confusion and anxiety. I can still work however, regardless, as I believe in overcoming all adversity. I know that having faith has been my cornerstone through all this. Also, Kim has been a blessing in many ways. She also has been my friend since High school and I always maintained a close friendship with her during my time in Hollywood. She remembers me starting my production company and as luck would have it, her best friend since they were in school was Joey Haggis, sister of Paul Haggis. That is how I know it was Paul that made up the lie about me abusing or shoving some young girl at his T.I.F.F. party for Crash. She was next to me the whole time we were there and she unequivocally knows that I didn't do anything like that. But why Paul why? Is it because, behind my back, Florence had handed over my treatment for a TV show nearly identical to Due South?? Was it the same? It that why John Buchan pressured me to do that double episode of Due South? Was it Scientology and his connection to it? Who had it in for me then at Scientology?? Brad Pitt, who was (at that time) still connected to Scientology?? Haggis is now facing several rape charges and, NOPE, you can't slip out of this one Paul. Much, much more to say....but you should all be ashamed especially those of you with children. I have lived through hell. Corona virus, for me, is a joke in comparison. I watch from the sidelines and see how easy it was for governments to take away your civil liberties, how easy it was to be turned into Communist rats who call the authorities because a neighbor has guests over, or 3 people got in a car together. How easy it was to convince all of the general public that a pandemic is at their door. Not saying there isn't some truth to this virus scare but my God you all just rolled over just like you will all roll up your sleeves to take an untested vaccine full of harmful adjuvants. Ever heard of 5G and its connection to this virus?? Yeah, sure, I guess I am the paranoid one? No, that ain't me but when I look around all I see is a bunch of sheep. No one ever really looked into Elizabeth's death. They said she was drunk on a street in Moscow and stepped out into traffic but not once did I ever see her drink more than a glass of wine. In Montana, she showed up to make sure everyone was doing their job, getting along. She even took my arm once when we crossed a street. I had to remind her, Elizabeth, there are no cars around, you don't have to worry. Only casting director, I ever knew who cared enough to show up on the set even, as in Dances with Wolves, helped the first nation actors going to their rooms to make sure they had the dialect right. Nope, no one's cared. Well I did and still do. They never caught the driver that hit her because it was a hit. My God, after her death her husband (a successful documentary filmmaker) left town within weeks, never to return. Never did any more documentaries. Geez, guess he was just paranoid huh?? Any of you ever look under that carpet? Huh? Everyone knew about Harvey Weinstein but had it not been for Ronan Farrow, that probably never would have seen the light of day. Oh yes, and these women that Harvey abused and raped, funny that they too (almost in some ways identical to my harassment, were followed, had break-ins, crank calls etc etc. They were taken seriously but not me huh? I owe a lot to Mr Farrow because he listed who Harvey hired to do his harassment. Company called Black Cube and also others like Kroll. Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies Ronan Farrow The film executive hired private investigators, including ex-Mossad agents, to track actresses and journalists. Yup, harass the hell out of someone and if they complain or talk about it, you all get together and scream, Crazy crazy crazy!!! There are too many examples of all the crap I have endured but can you not now, look in the mirror and see what you enabled? What if I had killed myself? I lost everything, most important my children! Had every kind of intellectual property theft and yes, all my possessions at the time taken. Not even banks could give me an answer as to how my safety box 'disappeared' though I had a key and a receipt! Everything evaporated along with screenplay treatments and maybe most importantly, Lionsgate paperwork plus all copies of my last conversation with my young son where on the tape he talked about men with mommy and men hitting mommy. In all total, about 200 copies of that tape had been located (at different locations) and stolen. You were all happy I guess, to see me weakened and disbelieved but I KNOW some of you KNOW what was behind this. Snowden and Assange, any of this ever pique your interest? Or crazy Stephen talking about surveillance?? Did you ever know John A Hardy Lesa? Why would my then partner and the son of a man who supposedly ran C.S.I.S., why would my children be of any relevance?? "Keep your mouth shut about your kids or you're dead." What would my children have to do with my acting career?? Why did Shane Black have to talk to Florence, as he told me, "about some French translation for a film he was writing called Long Kiss Goodnight?" He was at the time the highest paid screenwriter in the world!! There is no French in that film, no French subplot, no Quebec story line. As the highest paid writer at the time he could have had any number of French translators at his door in minutes. It was Kim who pointed this out. Her English was good but far from perfect. And in those days, we had landlines so how could she do the translation?? Have any of you seen the film? It is about a female spy/assassin. Like Florence (in real life) the character played by Gena Davis had D.I.D. or multiple personality disorder. What causes that? Typically, extreme trauma at a young age. My little children, being forced to watch an 8-week-old kitten drown after Florence had put that tiny kitten in an aquarium that was over half filled with rain water. There was no tree or tree branch over that aquarium and no way the kitten could have climbed in on its own. Freaking out I banged on the window screaming, "The kitten, the kitten" and watched while Florence slowly walked over to the aquarium and removed the kitten and then from chest level just dropped the kitten on a concrete slab that was next to our back door. When I yelled, "What is wrong with you, why did you do that?" She nonchalantly said, "It's dead anyway". Well, no it wasn't. I sat with that kitten and eventually she coughed up the water, but it took half an hour of me stroking it .Why was Morgan afraid of his own poo, and why, after I had him toilet trained and after having been gone to LA would I return home to see him again in diapers afraid of his poo? He was also afraid of adult men and afraid of cameras. I wasn't angry with him but I was perplexed. Why did Morgan have all those fears?? IT IS CALLED RITUAL ABUSE PROGRAMMING assholes. That is what was allowed to happen to my children. My daughter, did you know that she was working on a yacht and that the owner was assassinated just after she handed him a glass of champagne? Did you know the police questioned her for 6 hours and that she could not remember anything that had happened the day before!! Did you know the children lost all ability to speak English, their first language, within a month of them being taken? The psychiatrist I spoke to regarding this said that it would be impossible for this to happen without intensive mind control programming. Somehow (because for so many years no work and I was broke) I scraped enough money together to go to see them. Florence said it was for a divorce but of course she lied, it was for custody and with no home, no job and no money, I lost. I went to the children's school one day and Lily's teacher told me that she heard Robert Redford was Lily's Godfather. News to me. Sooner not later, you will realize that these programs exist, it ain't just a movie. Child trafficking has reached epic proportions and children are often kept in cages, while being trauma abused. Maybe it doesn't look like it but I believe in God and much of that due to me personally knowing evil exists. Forget the satanic altar and the paraphernalia I found after Florence left. That farm was used alright, but for the kind of things that you would not want to believe. The satanic stuff was found after I had rented the farm, for dirt cheap, to some friends of ours, although Florence knew them best. I have made friends with some people that were in those programs. It is a source of inspiration that they have survived, their minds intact. Amazing what the human spirit can endure. My situation pales in comparison to what some of these people lived through as children. Sure, the mainstream will say it's all right-wing Trump supporters saying this stuff but that is simply not true. A great hero of mine is Cythnia Mc Kinney (U.S congresswoman), who came out and exposed Dyncorp and the child trafficking. As per usual, nothing much was done. The Jimmy Savile's of the world, just a conspiracy. I would say not. Throughout recent history every man woman and child that has told the truth about these atrocities is called a nutcase, a schizophrenic and a litany of other smears and lies. In the US the supposed 'experts' on child abuse are in fact pedophiles themselves. False Memory Syndrome Foundation and yes, the leader of that have been exposed, sometimes by their own family members, as engaged in the very things they claim are untrue. Ever heard of 'The Finders'?? Run by the CIA, they were torturing and abusing children and then trafficking them. I can't believe I have lived this long, known what I do know and having a big mouth. Sure, I wasn't believed 15 years ago and yet I made the art shows and the short films about this anyway. Kim's mother was a psychiatric nurse and she knew I wasn't nuts but that I was exposed to something dark. Hardly anyone back then knew what to make of my story but that has changed a lot. I no longer, as I did in Montreal and other places, need to act like the village idiot in order to fit in. For most of the past 25 years I have been fighting against an invisible enemy. Not so now. Epstein, was guilty but his real crimes supersede his abuse of teenagers. His ranch in New Mexico was the source of his real crimes. Imagine, a woman abusing her baby and then posting it on the dark web for profit. Every other day something like this is exposed and yes, women, as well as men, abuse their children or sell them to others for sex. Courtrooms, until the virus, were overrun with these kinds of cases. Not just me but others are realizing the extent of child abuse in places like Washington and Hollywood. Some surmise that to be in the 'Club', you have to be compromised or an active participant. Lady Gaga and her lot, I mean are people that dense?? "Oh, that is just a persona she plays." How is that cute or funny? Her videos are so damn chock full of satanic Luciferian imagery that it's ridiculous but Jojo (Biden) and the W.H.O. want her on their team!!! So much of Hollywood is involved in this, just unreal. Not ALL of Hollywood but many in the top rungs of power and dominance. You wait though, mark my words, much will be revealed and soon. Sadly, even if someone was to see a baby being sacrificed on an altar, they still wouldn't believe it. See the problem or maybe it was God's intention, is that everyone was frightened into silence regarding me. Sure, I was a wild man in my youth, some just believe I had gone nuts. But the ridicule and the glee that you Lesa and you Jerry, is a fucking crime. Imagine, sitting back and watching while someone drowns. Then blaming me for bringing it on myself. As God is my witness, In Montreal (and LA for that matter) when it came to work, I didn't talk incessantly about what happened to me or my children. I wasn't foolish enough to blab non-stop about what had happened. But telling me to be quiet or trying to force my silence, you have to be ashamed. YOU WILL PROBABLY BLAME ME FOR THIS AS WELL, BUT GOD SEES EVERYTHING. I have said some of what I have to say. I haven't bored you with times I got jumped and had my face smashed or attempts on my life. That could and does happen to lots of people but my real resentment is the lack of support regarding my children and the complete willingness to attack my character, my credibility, i.e. by attacking me for simple telling the truth about the years of gang stalking, thefts and merciless ridicule and slander. All for what fucktards, so your other clients can work and I was simply a sacrificial piece of shit? I understand if one of you was threatened with no one hiring your clients but, in that case, instead (Jerry Lesa Chelsea) of pretending, "Gee Steve, there isn't any work right now" why couldn't you have said something true. Seriously, 14 years with Susan and what 5 auditions?? The last couple a complete joke as the character was a short fat gay balding guy, or as in a Lantos film, a very Jewish older man, to play similar in age to Dustin Hoffman I can say this has been the single most difficult thing I have ever had to write. Keep in mind, Velina allowed me to rewrite one of her plays and she wouldn't have done that had I not shown signs of being very good. We wrote a screenplay together which I must have written the great majority of it. William Morris represented her at the time. But this, writing to you, has been the source of a great deal of pain. Sadly, there are earlier drafts much nicer in tone where I am trying to convince you of all the harassment and what my children have gone through. This time, I am simply letting it lie where dead dogs lie. If you read between the lines, I am actually trying to offer you all a hand up, that is, get yourselves in line with God, there is nothing else, not really. I was one of the first to scream about ritual abuse but that is because in 96 I was introduced to an ex FBI agent whose job it was to investigate these crimes. Most of my last 24 and half years have been slow torture, while looking at others experiencing success and having children, enjoying a family life etc. That was not in the cards for me. There is no MOVING ON Jerry Jordan you creep. Not when you live day to day, questioning everything and what I could have done to prevent this with my own children. Constantly trying to figure out the riddle, who was behind all this? Being homeless (yes, I was Jerry, I was not being dramatic) was in some ways easier. The task at hand then was survive, eat and keep the feet moving. Essentially living in survival mode. The problem with time is it doesn't just go away. Then, to compound the situation, you meet and talk to people that have been exposed to similar harassment that I was. You get to know survivors of abuse and their faith, which got them through. Chelsea, I don't know what hand you played but I do know there was no Toronto office prior to you opening that one up and that happened to coincide with all my voice work being over. On Glenn Talent, you had a section where you listed what campaigns your actors had done (regarding voice work) and we believe 80 per cent of those big clients you listed were in fact jobs I had done. Your mom, telling me she couldn't submit me anymore for fear of what I said, I know that was tough on her and I am sorry if you feel that I in any way had a negative effect on her. I wasn't perfect and it took years to even understand how much damage all of the harassment had done to me. The last thing I have to say is I never would have done to any of you what was done to me. Also, in the case of you Lesa and Jerry, I considered you friends. Remember the early years of your agency in Vancouver, remember me helping to get the agency going?? Talking you up to people, other actors, hanging out and yeah, drinking too much? I didn't need a Vancouver agent back then; I had just co-starred in A River Runs Through It and had representation in L.A. I know back in 1996 that I was upset when I spoke to you Lesa but I was going through 24/7 harassment and you stuck me in that filnm in France which was like a death sentence. Admittedly I did not trust people because I didn't have any idea who was behind it. Perhaps you will disregard this or feel put upon to read all of this but now is a good a time as ever. Most of us are in lock down, what else are you doing right now? Also, you wouldn't know about this but a few years ago, 2016, I had three very prestigious law firms in Toronto wanting to take my case. My case being going after those responsible for online smears against me regarding a comedy video I did that was reposted as real and then over 100 examples of name calling and abuse, even though it was known that it was from a comedy channel. The company that produced it, Eidos did nothing to dissuade people from attacking me. Lies and slander and of course, "He's a conspiracy nut" which is funny as a few short years later and what the general public is talking about. My conspiracy tinfoil hat coincided mostly with what Snowden revealed about surveillance and child trafficking. Okay, maybe just a little bit about geo-engineering and not trusting the official story regarding 911. I have written proof plus a time line where I can prove that I had contacted Eidos to at least tell people it was from a comedy channel. One of the lawyers strongly suggested I go after Glenn Talent concerning the blacklisting that resulted from what? A comedy video making fun of people that smoke too much weed and get paranoid?? Maybe a couple radio interviews concerning what happened to my children and the harassment that followed?? The theft of a production company and the death threats?? Not knowing of your mother's condition, or certainly not the full extent of it, I declined. Walked away for reasons only I know. I am asking you, pleading with you, not to be a coward and a fool. As a man who has survived all the hate and harassment please show some compassion and help me understand what happened. We collectively cannot stop a Florence if she is that connected but I, single handed, put a stop to her phony orphanage in Cambodia called Books with No Borders (not the legitimate Books without Borders) by mentioning it in a radio interview and later finding out that 90% of all those NGO's were child trafficking fronts with Cambodia among the worst in the world back in 2005-2011. That website for that piece of shit orphanage disappeared in a week after I mentioned it and my fears it was a child trafficking front. Gone!! Ask yourself why?? All it took was a handful of decent people researching it and seeing how corrupt the whole website thing was. Can you imagine maybe I saved a couple hundred children?? Even the U.N.mentioned the numbers especially in Sihanoukville, where the orphanage was. Was it worth it to speak out??Damn right. Did I ruffle some Hollywood and Canadian film feathers? I guess but I wouldn't have changed it if I could. I had a reporter interview me where I encouraged actors in Hollywood to speak out if they were abused. It probably was a coincidence but within a year the whole ME TOO movement came out. The fact that I did speak out and could show others that I was still functioning, still making art and making films, albeit all on my own, spoke volumes to some. I even had some ex Hollywood friends contact me and apologize for making fun of me years before. They at least checked out the validity of some of the subjects I had mentioned to them back in 1995-2000. I wasn't a conspiracy nut I was a man who had a conspiracy happen to him. It wasn't a choice and after what happened, the years of an advanced form of harassment, the break-ins, no door was secure, no phone and as soon as I was say in traffic the goon squad would make sure I knew they were following me, flashing cassette tapes that looked exactly like the ones I just made of my conversation with Morgan. How do I know I wasn't hallucinating? Because of the notes I kept as it went down and the fact that now, I have none of that, other than online bullshit. But once, as it happened to me, once you realize that there is a form of harassment and targeting that excedes anything you can imagine, you look around and start to see what it is that controls the world. Many (probably not any of you) can now see the pedophilia in Government and in Hollywood and how fucking evil these people are. However, I did not choose this. I bought a beautiful, house in Hollywood Hills when I was 29. I'd previously had a bar in Venice Beach and a theatre company there. I was pretty well liked and when I cashed out, I used that money to purchase my house. Back then I never would have imagined that my life would have taken this turn. The only slightly conspiratorial thinking I had then was that so many people shouldn't be homeless and I tried (not very hard really) to do my part. Never could I have imagined that I would live, off and on for three years, as a homeless person sleeping literally on the street. Hahaha, the joke was on me, I guess. I know one thing though. Some very powerful people have really enjoyed my demise. I have a therapist for P.T.S.D. but never have I had any diagnosis of schizophrenia or bi polar no matter what shit Flo the ho made up in the beginning. How fucking easy it was for her, with the help of her protectors. Everyone got on board and the vile hate directed at me was worse in some ways than the fear of being killed or the insane surveillance I endured. Why?? Why did so many get off on my demise when you all knew I was concerned about my children? Yes, I was brought to my knees out of my love for them and the sycophant Satanists loved it, just loved that I was now marked and anything I did, any outburst of anger or violence would be used against me. I didn't go nuts because they threatened to hurt my son if he talked to me and I didn't want to put my children in further jeopardy. But ask yourselves why would this be a joke to any of you? Why Lesa, do you taunt me pretending everything is normal or okay after all this? Jim Budman tried the same thing, as if everything is okay?? We are approaching a day soon when everything I said will be accepted as truth. How are you going to justify what was done to me, my children, Elizabeth Leustig any of this? Every little scared rabbit now sits inside their houses worried about death?? I laugh at all of you because within two weeks of my harassment starting, while working in France and the phony swat team running across the deck of that boat I stayed on, I made peace with death and accepted I was already dead so no one could kill me. During this lockdown I am so miles ahead of any of you. I hope Susan got to heaven because this world, and this evil that controls things, is just not worth worrying about. Kill me, I won't care and yes, that must have pissed off the people that were behind my harassment. My biggest hurt I guess, is what humanity has become and what little regard we have for each other. Love should be the single most important emotion we should have for one another. All the movies made about a father that loses his child and his fighting to find them, using guns and chasing down the bad guys yet, Jerry, you just expected me to forget about them, "Oh geez Steve, you still going on about that??" Fuck off. You'll get yours; you probably already have. I am not a slave to this dragon world but you are. Slaves believe they are free. We are not. Maybe I was lucky. I have seen this world for what it is for a long long time now. This whole life could be a simulation, how do you like that one? If you buy into this being real, you are fucked. I am still alive, still looking good and still laughing during this Corona cookoff. Now you all feel, anything could happen at any day and guess what? You won't even be able to get your money out of the bank. All the actors that kiss up to you, will abandon you. Words are cheap. "I love you". Hahaha, shit directors and producers hired me repeatedly then suddenly no one returned a call. I was a popular guy I thought, boy did I find out that wasn't true. My family...bought off or maybe Satanists, I don't know, don't care anymore. Money? Sure, I miss it and I don't have much, yet I am still here. I look better than almost any actor my age. Sounds vain? No, I don't care about that shit unless it is to piss off those who tried to wipe me out. Shellen is an alcoholic loser, funny, I sure don't look like that. Why?? Because God is in charge and no matter what Bill Gates and other dickheads have in plan for us humans and no matter what transhuman agenda they might be trying to usher in, know what?...God is in charge. I should be living proof after the attempts on my life, having my face beat in on many occasions, yet...still here and I don't care if I die tomorrow. The last stressful objective I have had is to let you know how I feel and that none of you, long term, ever got away with anything. I felt compelled to convince you of the surveillance and Black Cube...groups like that but you all know, there is nothing to convince you of. You know what you did Lesa, forcing me into that film in France. You all knew what part you played. I have lived long enough that the crazy tag just doesn't fit anymore. "Crazy like a fox", I liked it when an enemy (ex-CIA he claimed) called me that. But that you stood around and enjoyed my demise, that hurt, it really did. Rather have me think I was nuts than tell me the truth. Because I kept notes however, that was never an option for me, falling into self-doubt and considering myself to be imagining it. I have witnessed other people, mostly whistle blowers, kill themselves. It broke my heart. They weren't crazy but they had no way of understanding why, why the world could be so cruel. I learned to survive by understanding how fucked up the human condition is. We are, as a human race, much worse than animals. We are the lowest of the low and don't try that 'survival of the fittest' because that is what I have proved to myself, I can survive damn near anything. Look up, the old definition of strength, it is the ability to survive. All the victims of Weinstein have had some sort of justice but because I am not a woman, yet had the same (and worse) kind of minds games played on me to discredit me, still, 25 years later, not an ounce of compassion for what I have lived through. Just like the victims of Jimmy Savile, your industry does not, not really, give a fuck. Sorry I never suicided, must have really disappointed all of you. However, I am who I am now because of what was allowed to happen to me If you watch the doc 'Out Of The Shadows' some of you may remember I was talking about almost everything in this film, but over 20 years ago!!! I guess timing is everything and people are now ready to hear it. Shame there was no one around for me or my children back then Watch my film, will even give a free VIP link. Also, just to piss you all off, I included some recent photos from last summer and as you can see, I look alright. Not bad for a 63-year-old considering all I have survived. I can still act, still show up and do my job. I do not constantly whine about what I have endured. I am not, nor was I ever, that stupid. Someone asks me a question; I will try my best to give a generic answer. No reason (other than some powerful people) that I don't work anymore, well forgetting this phony virus crap. You wait though, wait for the next wave of the virus, that plus all the schools and everything being loaded up with 5G. Don't believe me? You'll see, just like you will see more pedophiles being exposed. My career, my life with my children killed for something that soon everyone will know about. I welcome all of you to directed energy weapons, something I know a great deal about and also, RFID chips. Did you know Hardy, after he was my partner and quit his law firm, was CEO of a company out of Vancouver called Versatile Systems which was an RFID chip company? I don't think it is anymore, after he left, they changed the website. Much like Florence's Orphanage in Cambodia, I mention it in an interview and poof, it disappears. Naw, nothing to see here! You will probably pass this around and try to claim how insane I am but really, people that suppress the truth and actually support the stealing of a man's children and the intentional gas lighting of that same man to discredit him, shame shame shame on you. I waited so long, for any one of you to be honest. Susan was as close as it got but she couldn't say anything could she? Not with the new office in Toronto. Jordan, in your defense you were, I thought, on my team until you did some really fucked up shit and yes, you should have had your ass beat. You paid my storage space but I always paid you back with any checks that came in. You wanted to move my storage to your house but why? Had me sleeping outside for days waiting on a check. I knew what I owed you for my storage and kept track of that you fuck. Why did you want that storage of mine?? Was it the paperwork for Lionsgate or screenplays, story ideas? Taking out your percentage on a T.V. show (Nikita) that you had nothing to do with?? Lied to me repeatedly about no work?? Same for all of you. You were not allowed to get me work in film. Hell, even in LA I got a few films during that homeless period and no, no one knew I was living on the street, it is kind of embarrassing. But yeah, pass this around, it will just make you look like the assholes you are. I hope Lesa you will never contact me again unless it is because you have something to tell me, something real about what happened all those years ago. Don't know if you are a witch or not, but it sure doesn't worry me one bit. Had any problems lately?? I am sending it all back to whoever did and may still be trying to curse me. God wins. Always. No one really has power but God. Haha,that probably sounds insane to you. Phony spiritualism is another thing that chaps my ass but I won't bore you with it. Many of the absolutely worst, most evil people I have known hide behind that bullshit. I am guilty as well as I used to believe in that bullshit. So easy, for some of us, to fuck someone over and then say to their face, "Love you". No, you don't. Most of you wouldn't have a clue what real unconditional love is or you would have understood my concerns about my children Bye Bye P.S. If one of you happens to suddenly develop a conscious, find out why Judith Burchell (wife of ex M.P. David Tilson) filed papers in the WRONG county to prevent my children being taken out of the country. I was kicked out of his office when I confronted him. He was a right-hand man to guys like Harper and before that, Premier Harris (who ordered police to fire on Kettle Point, Stoney Point at Army Camp, where yeah Lesa, First Nation people, (Indians?) were killed also I would like to know why the children's teacher (the one time I got to visit their school) told me Robert Redford was Lily's Godfather. Could be true I guess. Was Redford into call girls??Was he involved with Intelligence Agencies or maybe Florence just lied to the teacher. I hope the latter. I Liked Redford The Spark The Spark One man's journey down the rabbit hole. MKULTRA, transhumanism and gang stalking are just a few of the many topi... For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.