This is what passes as a fact check. There are several statements of fact, and they focus on a single piece of information that is immaterial to the root argument (media failed to make a big deal about it). It did happen near Atlanta. They are four teenage thugs. They did beat the man. His name was Joshua Chellew. He was 36 years old. They had never met him before. They pushed him into traffic. He was struck by a vehicle and killed. Mass media did not focus the story. According to these fact-checkers, it's misleading. Why? Because it happened in 2013, not 2020. A fact that is completely irrelevant to the argument. When you do a little digging, you discovered that they only employ "journalists." Since this story is about journalists, there is a conflict of interest and implicit bias. If you ever want to see a real fact check, ask a logician, not a journalist. #R.O.F.L.C.O.P.T.E.R.