Question: are these real vets or are they just "stolen valor"? Has anyone checked, since we already know the media is unable to verify facts, I figure they are not. Good point from the comments: She's right. They arent wearing her uniform correctly. They arent wearing her uniform at all. Theyre DHS and DoJ not DoD. A vet should know this. Same commenter: Im skeptical that she served. Vets dont say things like "my uniform". Also she cant tell the difference between military and federal police uniforms, another red flag. Additional proof that just because someone was in the military, it doesn't mean they were/are a good person or competent. https://twitchy.com/brettt-3136/2020/07/25/her-voice-is-a-wmd-antifa-karen-chews-out-the-federal-agents-protecting-the-portland-federal-courthouse-for-wearing-her-uniform-wrong/