Rejection Is Rape

Getting rid of you If she was a thing,I could have disposed her off No! She's the bone of my bone,the flesh of my flesh In the holy book"a man shall live his father & mother and become one with his wife" But my bond with my seed,is far greater than that of a spouse. She's my flesh and blood! She is formed from me She fed of me! Not only from the tenderness of my breast did she feed on She drank,ate, benefited from every single thing that passed through my osophagose She felt my joy, when my heart was in merriment She felt the anguish of my pains when I cried She's my joy and bitterness! She brought mixed feeling into my life She boosted my pride,in her absence my pride was gone She's my carbon copy! She shared my fears and insecurities You secreted the fluid,I captured and stored it! I nurtured it, and gave it life and flesh! I'm proud of my product,is unique and authentic Getting rid of you! If she was a thing,I could have disposed her off Doing everything to wipe off this memory of yours Erasing every moment,every word of yours that made me fall into this trape In vain,I know,your memory will forever linger in my heart& mind If she's was a thing,I could have disposed her off Just to get rid of every memory of you You raped me! Took away my pride! You left me empty and broken