MUSLIM ARSONIST RESPONSIBLE IN NANTES Cathedral Fire Was Purposely Set By Migrant I've been Reporting on the assaults against Catholic Church relics such as statues of Mary, the Mother of Jesus being found decapitated and other defacings of Religious Art. France has a particularly high percentage of Islamic communities and there seems to be a direct correlation to unassimilated Migrants to anti-Western sentiment including Churches. It's impossible to believe there's no motive. Odds are a clever Lawyer can get him off on a "nut" defense, it's just hard to fathom so many Migrants with 'mental' issues could be cleared for entry into the EU with no Vetting. Quote: "French media quoted the Nantes prosecutor as saying that the 39-year-old Rwandan, who'd been tasked with the job of locking up the cathedral, told the investigating magistrate that he lit three fires: on two cathedral organs and an electrical box. His motives were unknown." https://www.france24.com/en/20200726-man-questioned-over-france-s-nantes-cathedral-fire-arrested-again #islam #refugees #migration #nantescathedral #france