Whoops … Members of a tough-talking, all-black, armed militia that descended into Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday to demand justice for Breonna Taylor, a black woman who was killed during a drug-related police raid in March, wound up accidentally shooting themselves. According to reports, a member of the “Not F–king Around Coalition” “accidentally discharged his weapon injuring himself and two others. The men had to be transported out of Baxter Square and to a nearby hospital for treatment for non-life-threatening injuries, according to local police. “Today, shortly before 1:00 pm, three people were struck by gunfire as the result of a discharge of someone’s gun who was participating in the NFAC demonstration at Baxter Park,” Louisville Metro’s interim Chief of Police Robert Schroeder reportedly said in a statement. “Louisville Division of Fire and LMEMS arrived a short time later and transported all three victims to the University of Louisville Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. All involved are members of the NFAC and there are no outstanding suspects.” Other than for this humiliating incident, the highly publicized event — which drew massive media attention after a conservative, anti-statist, pro-gun militia known as the Three Percenters announced plans to also show up in Louisville, but for the purposes of aiding the police to ensure everybody remained peaceful — mostly went off without a hitch. However, during the event NFAC leader John Fitzgerald Johnson, aka The Real Grandmaster Jay, delivered a speech in which he threatened violence unless Taylor’s murder is fully investigation and the officers involved arrested. “Four weeks from today, we’re going to come back here, and we should have an answer. If not, I need ya’ll to repeat me after me: If we don’t get the truth, the whole truth, and the motherf–king truth, we are, going to, burn this motherf–ker down,” he said. Listen (*Language warning): Speaking with local FM radio station WFPL later that afternoon, George Washington University terrorism expert J.J. MacNab warned that while such threats are a common tactic used to instill fear, Johnson’s threats were particularly jarring. “There’s usually all these extra little catch phrases in the middle, but this was much more in your face. He had a list of demands, and he had his private army beside him to backup those demands, that if he didn’t get what he wanted he would be effectively unleashing his private army onto Louisville,” she said. Indeed, and as it stands, NFAC already has a history of abusive, dangerous behavior. Weeks earlier NFAC had shown up at Atlanta’s Stone Mountain Park on the Fourth of July and terrorized white motorists by demanding reparations from them. Watch: While at Stone Mountain Park, Johnson also personally demanded that the United States hand over Texas so that it may be transformed into an autonomous “new black nation.” “We file a declaration of liberation, declaring every African-American descendant of slavery a political prisoner here in the United States, that was affected by the Portuguese slave trade, and after that, the United States then has a choice, either carve us a piece of land out here — we’ll take Texas — and let us do our own thing, or don’t stop us when we exit this body here and go somewhere where they will give us our own land to build our own nation,” he said. Listen: The good news is that none of the group’s prior threats have ever led to actual violence, and clearly the group’s members have no idea how to actually handle a weapon. Plus, local Black Lives Matter activists really don’t even want them around. “[Johnson] really needs to mind his own business. If he’s down from Georgia he needs to do work down there. There is a proper protocol in black resistance work, and that was a show that was put on today,” BLM Louisville member Chanelle Helm said to WFPL.