The ego and the mind defeated by Subtle Wisdom

What is Wisdom? Wisdom is one of the ways to achieve enlightenment. It is a set of conceptualizations which aim to let go of the mind and its hold on consciousness, because the mind prevents consciousness from developing. Wisdom is a verbal and behavioral means of freeing consciousness so that it can rise. What is the mind? The mind is the limiting parameter of the elevation of the soul. It is like a cube attached to Gaia, stuck to consciousness, and its weight prevents consciousness from rising. The mind is related to the ego and the ego is related to the soul. It is the ego / mind pair that limits the soul and prevents it from rising. For this reason, some initiations are / were performed blindfolded (or in the dark) so that the mind does not interpret and limit the initiation / understanding. The mind and the ego are self-nourishing: the more we are in the mind the more we are in matter, the more we are in matter the more we are in this form of ego which relates to the material. The material ego is the strongest ego on Earth right now. The parallel is quickly drawn to what we are going to experience soon: man has been so involved in material until now that it will be deleted from him. We are talking about a health crisis, an economic crisis ... The material will decrease, it will develop Wisdom and liberate consciousness. It should also be understood that this is part of a pattern of spiritual upliftment and not just seeing it as punishment. Throughout all of history, there have been cycles like this with flourishing civilizations that eventually collapsed without anyone really understanding why. Ultimately, each time this allowed a spiritual elevation, an improvement. The mind is the most malleable, but it is limited by the strength of the ego: a person with a weak ego will be able to manage his mind easily to free his consciousness and his elevation, on the other hand a person with a strong ego will maintain the mental. The less mind and the less ego, the less ego and the more soul and consciousness are released. When one realizes that there is no more need to go through the mind then the ego decreases.