Investigation Reveals BLM Warlord ‘Raz’ From ‘CHAZ’ Is Funded By Foreign Islamic Government. Solomon Samuel Simone (aka RAZ from CHAZ): Black Supremacist & Islamic Terrorist. Raz Simone is Malikite muslim terrorist and is an Islamist. Raz is the leader of the manifesto, "Washington State" – the first black Muslim independent state. Raz is being sponsored and has been hosted by the Dubai government, and attends the Sheik Zayed Mosque, a Maliki Sunni mosque vomitting out Izala muslim terrorists worldwide. Raz’s black supremacist, anti-white, and anti-America rants are supported by the Islamic shithole of the United Arab Emirates. The UAE is a Maliki Sunni nation, the warlord school of Sunni Islam. Malikites are the Islamic warlords of the shithole nations of Libya, Algeria, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Morocco, Sierra Leone, Tunisia, & Sudan. Malikite warlords of these Islamic shitholes use a Maliki specific jihadi terrorist movement (da'wah) of Sunni Islam called "Izala". Izala jihadi terrorist organizations include the Fulani Fula terrorists of Nigeria, the (LNA) Libyan National Army of Khalifa Belqasim Haftar in Libya, and the Izala (JIBWIS) Society of Nigeria. https://en-volve.com/2020/06/17/investigation-reveals-blm-warlord-raz-from-chaz-is-funded-by-foreign-islamic-government/