@Willieleev1971 Day in the Life... I don't need a mansion with all of the thrills Ain't got no time to pay all those damn bills I'm just lookin' for love within a beautiful soul to rock all night and her mouth won't start to roll Maybe I need to scream it for emphasis BUT I THOUGHT YOU WERE LEAVING THE PREMISES Keep it to yourself, I hope you choke on your soda I'll be out livin' life with my best friend Koda I don't need stocks or bonds, just want a life worth livin' Always out workin' on takin', cause ain't nobody givin' Certain messages, I'm not capable of receivin' Then you start your bitchin'... so I start my leavin' Goin' to a river but I'll miss your psychotic riot Gonna sit under a tree and catch some peace and quiet Gotta exit this situation, need to get away Nothin' required but the truck and dog today
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