The social distancing restrictions and level of control of personal autonomy and freedoms as well as the reengineering of society itself actually fit very well within the Agenda 21 / 2030 Sustainable Development Goals strategy. SDG have always been a pathway to global communism. Governments now know that many people in the West are surprisingly easy to control when significant fear is instilled in them over a prolonged period of time. Governments can now determine how far people can travel from their home, they can determine what social activities, jobs and businesses are essential, they can close pubs, restaurants and other public spaces, they can forcibly breakup groups over a certain size, they can specify the number of people permitted in your private residence or even the maximum number of guests at your wedding. Will society also simply acquiesce to the invasiveness of contact tracing and tracking apps as well as mandatory testing? And finally, will they submit to mandatory vaccinations or else suffer social ostracisation and marginalisation? If people have already accepted the precedent of removal of all their other rights and freedoms, on what grounds can they refuse the loss of their bodily sovereignty? I believe we're in the midst of a serious cultural change here. The populace at large now no longer believe their freedoms are inalienable, but instead see them as little more than concessions granted to them by the state.