#meToo--Not If You're a Democrat

During the Brett Kavanaugh herrings the Democrats went far beyond fair and balanced. They and their allies in the MSM and Hollywood made every, unverified, accusation into an admission of guilt. The #meToo movement was blinded by its blood lust. However, if you are a Democrat or a member of their cult, you are exempt from the same murderous blood lust. Joe Biden, not only admitted to having the investigation of his son ended by use of quid pro quo, but also, had routinely been caught on video groping women and children. But, even with all of this evidence, the #meToo, MSM and Hollywood are placing their full support behind Joe Biden. This silence confirms the #meToo movement was and is nothing more than a political tool of the Democrat party. The confirmation of this is proven by the amount of effort to excuse and coverup for the sexual assault accusation against Joe Biden. There is no excuse for this hypocrisy.