An old rant (via FB memories) with which I still find myself in broad agreement: Of all the rhymed couplets in the world, there is none more personally irritating to me than: "Our whole universe was in a hot dense state / then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait." The whole thing is bad, but it's "wait" that irritates me particularly. It conveys no meaning. It's only there because they couldn't think of another rhyme for "state." Why are they telling us to wait? What are we waiting for? What is the logic of waiting after expansion has begun? You know what would have worked better? "Expansion started. Great!" Like they want you to know how great it is that the expansion has begun. Or they could do it in a Brit or Aussie accent: "Expansion started, mate." Or they could pretend they were addressing a girl named Kate or a guy named Nate. Almost anything that rhymes with "state" would be as good as or better than "wait." Do they get paid money every time that show airs? Because that's approximately a zillion times a day which must be lots of money in exchange for something of just about zero value.
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