Hello world! Today, I finally had a personal milestone for myself. I have decided to DELETE my Facebook account. (It will actually take Facebook 30 days apparently before accounts are permanently deleted). Not only has that Facebook page been removed out of nowhere, no support agent on Facebook have reached out to me and I keep getting, "we will look into this". I have many other Facebook pages as well that aren't removed but seem to be in my opinion censored or shadow banned. I collectively manage Facebook pages, groups, and two Facebook apps that have reached a following of over SEVEN MILLION combined total users. Still, I have trouble reaching my audience. This means I DON'T OWN my audience. Deleting my Facebook effectively deletes all those pages as well, which is a small trade-off. Not only in my personal opinion have my startups seemed to suffer from a result of Facebook's algorithm. Facebook has extreme lack of transparency when it comes to handling user's data and privacy. I still unfortunately have an Instagram account and use a few other FB services as well, which I am currently considering whether or not I should keep those. Also, I have accounts on platforms outside of Facebook such as Twitter that I'm considering whether or not I should delete. I have long not been a fan of Facebook's authoritarianism and started slowly migrating to Minds.com or Gab. Currently, I trust folks like @ottman more with the handling of my data, and in a few years that could still change. In the past, I also created @LoneroLNR which is fully against lots of the centralization principles of Facebook's Libra and what cryptocurrency and blockchain technology should be. As a promoter of freedom, liberty and an advocate in the startup world, in order to lead by example, this mass deletion was a step I needed to take. I didn't even want to download a backup of my data as to not ping FB's system that I am downloading a data backup. This data was the old me, and I think a good step in supporting freedom is to value ethical practices a bit more. I am not fully into online liberation just yet, not even close, but this is a good step moving forward.

Hello everyone, it is with a saddened heart that our Facebook page at https://facebook.com/edurepo.1 was deleted and barred from Facebook without any warning. We have went to our page URL and it isn't found, our Facebook page isn't under our account and has entirely been removed from our business manager account on Facebook. This happened after I ran a series of conservative posts on a separate Facebook page and on my profile. We haven't posted anything against FB's TOS and we have not been given a reason why this page was deleted. This Facebook page that was deleted was for an e-learning provider and startup that is currently over 4 years old and serves content to over 54k+ students across a variety of platforms (edustudio.org). Mentors4EDU is also currently a finalist team in one of the XPrizes related to adult literacy. The fact that our page was removed without us knowing (even if it may have been a mistake) means that a random Facebook employee could go around deleting people's Facebook pages with no warning in advance, and the page owner can find out by mere coincidence logging in finding his page "vanished". This kind of orwellianism is absolutely disgusting, and it is one of the core reasons I hope platforms like Minds.com or Gab.ai starts flourishing. I experienced similar censorship on Twitter before with a variety of my followers vanishing whenever I post something remotely conservative (though I have had a high Twitter Audit score and increased popularity). On other platforms it has been hard for me to grow and keep my business sustainable. I even started doing screenshots or archiving more often off worry of something being deleted. Unfortunately, I didn't do that with Facebook, having no idea Facebook would go as far to delete a startup's page.