A little something different for Wodnesdæg this time -- this is a work in progress, basically, something I've been fooling around with just to see where it might go. https://youtu.be/qZat_lhPcWM There are lyrics, but they're not fit for prime time yet (if ever.) Works just fine as an instrumental, or so I tell myself. Believe it or not, all the Dr Frank MTX instrumentals released on records originally had lyrics, that I could never finish or didn't like all that much at the time of recording. And I probably should have done that with more half-baked songs. I have found, from my experiments with solo guitar arrangements of my old songs, that the ones that work best in that form tend to be the ones with the most coherent melodies; and that these tend to be the most popular songs as well. It's not rocket science, I guess. As I always disclaim, I know I'm not the greatest picker in the world, just a beginner really. This stuff is a huge challenge for me, just making it through a song without too many mistakes, let alone doing it "with feeling." But you don't learn without doing yeah? I've got a good handful of tunes I've composed but don't have any hope of playing. One day, maybe. Just got to catch up. Anyway, I didn't feel like writing one of those long-ass essays for no one to read this morning, so we've got this instead, still a Song for Odin, sort of. notes: -- previously posted fingerpicked songs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLommF46BbnAQOZl9_X63hfztufOX3y-lh -- Songs for Odin playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLommF46BbnATopffORs0YkspebJHka2o_ #music #songs #guitar #fingerstyle #minds