Ok, for lot of people, quarantine is a pain in the ass. But for me, it allowed me to : - Finish my work for the publishing company "Editions Planetoïdes" with 23 exclusives pages around Altarion's Cantos (I'll keep my french public in touch, rest assured) - Work on the first volume of my graphic novel (and add lots of new details in the story, i'm quite proud of it) - Finally get some REST ! I was so exhausted that I slept for 9 to 12 hours several days a row ! Now, i'm working on several task (illustrations for children book, logo and promotional flyer, and my illustration of Poison Ivy) and planning others :) And the best ? My art block is finally behind me !!! I'm leaving you with a picture of my cat taking a nap on my knees :D Take care ! #art #bandedessinee #comics #photography #news
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