K. 525 So... how are you all doing? I'm going a bit mad, myself, to be honest, but maybe this will help. It being Wed. it's time for another Song for Odin. And here we are. It's side-view video from that August 1988 Gilman show from which I've posted several songs in this here Songs for Odin series. https://youtu.be/3GoiYHearbE It's "Surfin' Mozart." And the reason it's "Surfin' Mozart" is because, as I mentioned earlier this week, through some random act of mysteriousness and absurdity, this track has wound up being the top, most played MTX tune on Spotify. This is solely due to its rather inexplicable place on a playlist made up mainly of tracks by the K-pop boy band BTS. An accidental inclusion, or an ironic comic interlude? No idea. Anyhow its sudden prominence made me wonder if there were a live performance of it available anywhere, and this is the only one I could find. As you can see if you watch the video, it doesn't start out being "Surfin' Mozart." The kick drum pedal breaks after a few seconds of "Surfin' Cows" and we resorted to an impromptu rendition of "Surfin' Mozart" for something to do instead of standing around like idiots while the drums were fixed. This drum failure used to happen all the time, at least once per set, and in fact it happened several times in this particular set. It used to drive me nuts. As an actual show business "act" we were always dangerously close to inadvertent Keystone Punx territory as it was. When I have anxiety dreams about being on stage (which still occur regularly) this is always the scenario: I announce the song and start playing and singing only to find there's a drum problem and then it takes several hours of trying to find the drummer or getting back to the stage through some slime-dripping labyrinth after finding him wherever he'd wandered off to or whatever. I always thought that some genius who managed to figure out a way to engineer a bass drum pedal that wouldn't break every couple songs would make a killing because every band would force its drummer to use one, no matter how much it cost. (I have to say, it hasn't been a problem since we started back up a few years ago. So maybe that engineering feat did actually happen without my being aware of it, and if so, good. Thank God. I still have the nightmares though.) It's kind of cool how the crowd was requesting "Surfin' Mozart" by name and even singing it. And yet, even though the idea was to play the song while the drums were seen to, I guess I didn't make it clear enough that that's what was meant to happen, because instead of addressing the kick drum problem, Alex just started playing on the snare instead of doing that, leaving us right back where we'd started when it was all over. Standing around like idiots, I mean, our natural state. There's no business like show business. Later on I started to play little solo songs during drum breakdowns, which ultimately resulted in "Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend" and my solo so-called career. At the time, though, Jon von's knock knock jokes and "Surfin' Mozart" was all we had. As for the song, it was just a goof, obviously. I'd always thought of it as "Eine Kleine Punkmusik" but we titled it "Surfin' Mozart" on the album as a counterpoint to "Surfin' Cows." In original conception it was going to be a bit longer and include a kind of "cadenza" but patience for learning more of it was in short supply at the time of recording so we just did as much as we knew, 38 seconds' worth to be exact. Which is all to the good. No need to let things drag on unneccessarily. It's still fun, after all these years. So, there it is. The 127th entry / 104th song in the Song for Odin series, which will go on I guess. Check this space next week to find out. Stay safe and be good to each other. notes: -- studio recording: https://youtu.be/_9i-eeAQC9M -- that playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5pKEIUYD1rx4Bs3xrR0Cmu -- Eine Kleine Nachtmusik: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eine_kleine_Nachtmusik -- playlist of video of more songs from that show: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLommF46BbnATVDAykrsIcR14HjOCi-6YP -- Songs for Odin playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLommF46BbnATopffORs0YkspebJHka2o_ #music #songs #video #punkrock #minds