From PODESTA EMAILs! ses@sandlerfoundation.com https://www.herbsandler.com/ Susan Sandler: https://tisch.nyu.edu/about/directory/film-tvs/1971963048 GREGORY SANDLER, ESQUIRE - LAWYER for BEAR STEARNS and BAYVIEW: and MRS(DODD-FRANKS BANKING REFORM!) EYES WIDE SHUT!: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gregory-sandler-63944010a?authType=name&authToken=pQ-c&trk=mirror-profile-memberlist-photo BAYVIEW = M&T BANK = Bank of NEW YORK = MELLON BANK = WILMINGTON TRUST = FEDERAL/STATE PENSIONs - North American Insurance Company in CAYMANs (GEORGE WASH) https://progressive.org/magazine/home-wrecker-abusive-mortgage-servicer-transforms-neighborhoods/ In May 2011, M&T acquired Wilmington Trust for $351 million in stock.[22] On August 27, 2012, M&T announced the acquisition of Hudson City Bancorp for $3.7 billion. The bank had $25 billion in deposits and $28 billion in loans and 135 brick-and-mortar branch locations including 97 in New Jersey. The acquisition was delayed for 3 years due to a money laundering case involving an M&T branch (Just 1 BRANCH) LAUNDERED TRILLIONS?? ATTORNEY for Epstein's VICTIMS? LISA BLOOM! Who's in the PIC? Birds of a FEATHER! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisa_Bloom