Hi all! My new product is online. It's called Knuptial Knowledge. Have a friend about to get married? This would be an excellent present for them ... believe me, I know ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜† Knuptial Knowledge is a board game for couples. The partners play against each other on a game board, moving to meet each other in the centre. At each square, they take a card from their respective decks. The card will have a question about the other partner that the player has to answer. The partner provides the answer - and reminisces! If the player gets it wrong, oops! They have to move back a square, and can't enter that square again. But if they get it right... they advance closer and closer to their partner, until they meet in the centre. Then they'll pick a card from the winning deck, which they'll answer at the same time. Those questions, which my server will choose at random (so no two games are truly alike!), are meant to spark thoughts about the couple's future together. If you think your soon-to-be married friend ... or maybe your parents whose anniversary is upcoming ... would like this game, then go to https://knuptialknowledge.com/ and get crackin'! Like this? Like and share!
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