The Coolifting Machine is designed to add a clarifying effect to the anti-growing old impact and is used to unify the pores and skin tones in those instances with pigmentation differences.The Coolifting Beauty gun has upgrade options and gels which add to the shopper expertise. The CoolClear coolifting gun remedy is a brand new vial to enrich the system that revolutionizes the aesthetics market. Coolifting CoolClear treatment is designed to add a clarifying impact to the anti-getting older effect. It is used to unify the pores and skin tones in those circumstances with pigmentation differences. It requires a steady protocol for 6-eight sessions (1-2 per week) and afterwards a maintenance protocol every 15-30 days to attain an equalization and steadiness of the skin tones and, thus, reduces spots. This results are added to the unique antiaging impact of Coolifting. The composition maintains the same base as Coolifting, but it provides Kojic Acid, Vitamin C (Ascorbyl glucoside) and Glycolic Acid. As it's a non invasive remedy, the care and the counter indications of Coolifting, resides possible allergy symptoms to a number of the new components, something that very seldom happens. COOLIFTING will enhance skin elasticity, circulation, encourages collagen production and restore, improves the appearance of superb traces and wrinkles. The CooLifting gun tasks on the facial tissues a robust CO2 move, at a really low temperature and a really high stress, combined with a high focus of atomized actives for optimum anti - ageing outcomes. The CooLifting gun jet sprays the facial tissues using a strong CO2 stream, at a really low temperature and a very high stress, mixed with a excessive focus of atomized anti-getting old and lifting components. The Coolifting gun shoots on the pores and skin a powerful CO2 move, combining an extremely excessive concentration of atomized actives at a really excessive stress and low temperature. Throughout a Coolifting facial, Spela makes use of a patented CooLifting magnificence gun to deliver a strong mix of hyaluronic acid, carbon dioxide, and her particular formula of botanical extracts to the innermost layer of your pores and skin. CooLifting is a revolutionary technique which uses a powerful spray of carbon dioxide at a very low temperature and at a excessive pressure, leading to younger, tighter pores and skin. It’s a really perfect treatment for any pores and skin situation, suitable for each ladies and men of any age.