My question to @AlexJonesss#3810 would be concerning how much he understands Bitcoin. Technically, Bitcoin is not something you can hold in your hand or in one computer. Bitcoin is not localized but is omnipresent or exists in a sync via different computers, etc, simultaneously, and it has a mathematical system for verifying itself, AKA cryptography. So, having Bitcoin actually means having access to a piece of the pie of Bitcoin so to speak. Bitcoin is like a pie. People obtain slices of that pie. But the pie remains decentralized and backed up and synced and transparent in an archive on thousands of PCs in different countries. If some computers with Bitcoin blow up, then other computers will still have copies of them and continue. You don't lose them. Bitcoin is like the DNA of the human race in the sense that the human race continues to live on even if some people die and Bitcoin can continue to live even if computers, etc, go offline, etc. It is possible that Bitcoin is not perfect but it sure is a good alternative for now from the dollar. Now, there are other cryptos as well. I would invest in different cryptos just in case. You could emphasize on your favorite cryptocurrency perhaps. There are different Bitcoin flavors or forks or spinoffs like Bitcoin Satoshi Version (Bitcoin SV). I would still buy gold, etc, too, at the same time. I would not invest any more in crypto than you are willing to lose. Because it is still gambling. It is still risky. You can still lose. But I try to invest in different things because you never know. I can't say which alt coins might be better than others. I know Max Keiser was saying the other crypto are terrible when compared to the original Bitcoin (BTC) but I am not sure if that is totally true. Max said Bitcoin Cash is a scam. I don't know if that is true but it could be partly true or there could be some truth in that. I need to do my homework to figure these things out more. There are over 1,000 different crypto coins.