Computer-Generated Chess Problem 02614 Now, here we have a 'KBNP vs krbp' mate in 3 chess problem generated by a computer using the relatively new computational creativity approach called the 'DSNS'. Chesthetica is capable of composing positions that may otherwise take centuries or longer to arise in an actual game; so you can enjoy them right now instead. (Learn more about the DSNS by googling 'Digital Synaptic Neural Substrate'). Any chess position with this many pieces could not possibly have been obtained from known endgame databases. Chesthetica is therefore the real McCoy. rk1N4/3pB3/1P6/8/8/8/4b3/4K3 w - - 0 1 White to Play and Mate in 3 Chesthetica v11.17 (Selangor, Malaysia) Generated on 19 Apr 2019 at 12:24:56 PM Solvability Estimate = Difficult The chess problems are published chronologically based on the composition date and time. However, later compositions may have an earlier version of Chesthetica listed because more than one computer (not all running the same version of the program) is used. Chesthetica composes everything autonomously (no human intervention) and even chooses the main line of the solution to show you. Do share and try out some of the others too. Feel free to copy the position into a chess engine and discover even more variations of the solution. #chess #gaming #art #technology