Unforgivables. Who is unforgivable? Even to my own chagrin primitive relativity and primitive innocence determine no one. However, I would like to say that there are “unforgivables” that include such white traitors as mainstream politicians who have betrayed their own countries and people. However, they are not nearly as bad as treacherous antifascists who deliberately cause infighting between whites and who have the slogan “all white people are Nazis!” How can you betray your own people and effectively give your own women away? I just cannot get my head around it. To me there is nothing worse than treason and infighting. Despite the fact that Hitler is the real cause (not antifa) of every Europeans’ woes and has ruined everything for Europeans I could forgive him if he went back in time hundreds of thousands of years to a more primitive period to seek “relative innocence”. I could forgive Jeffrey Dahmer’s cannibalism if he went back in time tens of thousands of years to a more primitive period to seek “relative innocence”. I could forgive Jimmy Savile’s abuse if he went back in time hundreds of years to a more primitive period to seek “relative innocence”. However, I cannot forgive eternal white traitors such as antifa who deliberately cause infighting between whites. Therefore, I can forgive totalitarian genocidal megalomaniacs, necrophiliac cannibals and pedophiles, but I cannot forgive antifa! That is the affection I have in my heart for antifa! There are no words to describe antifa’s treachery. Time will tell if there are any greater or more infamous cowards in history or prehistory? Antifa come very late in the game, they are an afterthought, they only show up when white people are vulnerable. Only now when white people have made peace and equality with the world, decolonised and exposed themselves etc have antifa decided to get “brave”. Only now it is safer for them have antifa taken the easier and cosier option and cowardly jumped on the winning and majority-non-white side or bandwagon. I have no problem with Muslims and can forgive them easily for terrorism such as beheading westerners and suicide bombings etc, but I cannot forgive white traitor politicians who idly sit by and watch it happen and do nothing meaningful to stop it. I also cannot forgive cowardly antifa who blatantly defend and abet terrorists, by infighting with mildly pro-British parties such as For Britain. To me white traitors who cause infighting are the only “unforgivables” and I believe that is not a bad designation for them. However, having got that off my chest, because time for forgiveness is so good and I do obey it, I will do my best. How far would antifa need to go back time to find “relative innocence”? Antifa do not care about the past, so why should they be allowed? However, as primitive relativity and primitive innocence state we should forgive everything (including “unforgivable“ anti-fascists), therefore, if I were to say to antifascists “I forgive you” (and I am not Jesus) for causing shameful infighting between whites (which is the hardest for me) then surely you can forgive the Nazis? Anyway, to me antifa are the “unforgivables” for now and they will probably have to wait a long time for forgiveness. Modern antifa and the real WWII Nazis are as bad as each other, however, as time for forgiveness states, it would probably be better if there was genuine forgiveness between these two extreme, polarised, irreconcilable and diametrical opposites. Primitive relativity is time for forgiveness on two levels, first of all it is quite literally time for forgiveness and second of all it is definitely about time for forgiveness! “For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.” Matthew 6: 14-15. https://time2forgive.com
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