What is the standpoint of primitive relativity and primitive innocence on white supremacism? It is relativity not supremacism. Nativism is nationalist, racial and ethnic, while primitivism is not! Primitivism is neutral, universal, unbiased, generic and benign. Nativism is specific to a local geographic region such as Britain or Europe, where as primitivism is universal across the whole planet, even the universe and even across all different species. Note: the image is Tiktaalik roseae, a 375 million-year-old transitional species between fish and the first legged animals. This finding reveals that the evolution of hind legs actually began as enhanced hind fins and challenges existing theory that large, mobile hind appendages were developed only after vertebrates transitioned to land. https://phys.org/news/2014-01-discovery-tiktaalik-roseae-fossils-reveals.html For an example of primitive relativity and primitive innocence take the above primitive creature Tiktaalik roseae. We could sit here after 375 million years of evolution and say that this is a primitive and “inferior” life form and that we Homo sapiens are a much more advanced and therefore “superior” life form than Tiktaalik roseae, but this is absolutely not the case. This is what the Nazis (and only the Nazis) did to “non-Aryans” with white supremacism. Just because you are an advanced species does not mean you are “superior” as there is ‘time’ and relativity between primitive and advanced species. Primitive relativity determines that the older and more primitive you are the more innocent and respected you are. Primitive relativity and primitive innocence determine there is relative equality between primitive species (such as Tiktaalik roseae) and advanced species (such as Homo sapiens). Therefore, it does not matter if like Tiktaalik roseae you are old and primitive as you are more innocent, and this is in a way superior. In fact because creatures such as Tiktaalik roseae were relatively primitive down here on earth, therefore, the opposite will be true in the afterlife, and this means that in heaven primitive creatures are more holy than us. Therefore, even though primitive relativity and primitive innocence try to forgive Adolf Hitler and occasionally defend white people it can never be claimed that primitive relativity and primitive innocence are ever white supremacism! For example, if you are a far-right white supremacist how can you respect Tiktaalik roseae but not Africans? If you do respect Tiktaalik roseae then you respect Africans. It is relativity not supremacism! https://time2forgive.com