I am drawing a flowchart to describe aspects of the Internet Kill Switches. Now, the Internet can be rather complex. So, I could probably make several different maps. But I am trying to start with just one that can describe the main parts to the Internet which may include ISP, DNS, ICANN, etc, the infrastructure of the Internet, the servers, the Internet highways, how data runs around from place to place, how data routes and reroutes locally and globally and then you have the CIA and different groups that have servers, nodes, etc, that spy on Internet Traffic, etc. So, in other words, many different parts. Now, it appears that the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) began to govern ICANN around 1999 and I think ICANN was created around that time as well it appears but ICANN may have been handed over away from the U.S. government and to the U.N. within the past several years maybe. The DNS system seems to be split between five regions globally and they then are centralized through ICANN and/or whatever else there might be meaning ICANN appears to be the main centralized mechanism that governs DNS services mostly, etc.