Grant Berry is a bit rough around the edges. He readily admits it. The guy is going through a heap of trials and tribulations -- which he fully understands and acknowledges. He's not pious and doesn't pretend for a second to be something that he isn't. These are the reasons I love the guy. He's just a simple man currently living in a TENT (due to various life circumstances) but even though all his adversities he never stopped giving glory to the Lord. He makes daily morning prayer videos. This simple man of little means is one of the strongest (AND REAL) Christians I know. He'll have a drink at the pub -- he smokes, he admits he swears -- but God sees his heart; and because the Lord is in my heart, I see Grant's heart too. Keep up the good work mate. Keep preaching the glory of the Lord and calling people to repentance. There are a lot of so called teachers, pastors and preachers that live like demons. They make heaps of money and spend their days preparing people for hell. Like I said Grant, you might be a bit rough around the edges (AND SO AM I, BY THE WAY; that's not a dig).. but you have your heart in the right place and you always have the Lord in your heart -- and I can see it. May the Lord bless you and get you an apartment real soon my brother in Christ. Praying for you always mate <3 All glory belongs to #Him
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