THE OLIGARCHY, THE NEW COLD WAR AND THE SMART GRID [90MIN] "The killing of Soleimani is related to data. Is related to fibre optic cables. Is related to trade linked to Smart Cities and population reduction." "Everything you see is moving towards one goal - A.I installed in Jerusalem, home to the cross over of the Eurasian/African data links and the fulfillment of occult end times prophesy." "The crypto roll over is imminent - this year. Agenda 21 next year. Smart cities and the implementation of Chinese/Israeli crowd control technology world wide. The robot revolution...all tied to Israel and The City of London." "Understanding the history of subversion of the United States from that first day when George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin threw out the Monarchy - will allow you to understand what is going on today." Impeachment, a "drug deal" in the Ukraine? Assassinations. War. Rumors of war..."change the story change the lead, it's not a new concept." Brendon O'Connel has been tracking the ruling oligarchy for a few years now. This vid is a longer docu-grade summery of his ongoing investigations where he goes through backgrounds, personas, affiliates and what they're planning to do to humanity in the near future. O'Connel has quite a unique view on things and is considered by many to be something of a fanatical activist, researcher and a maveric. He's definitely a firestarter. Brendon is already on BitChute and YT. Find his channel-links below. Original vid title: "TRUMP IMPEACHMENT & CERN SOLEIMANI CRYPTO WW3 A DRUG DEAL & A SWISS BANKER" https://www.bitchute.com/video/NzrIGcvOiZYu/ #OLIGARCHY #ZIONISM #ORGANIZEDCRIME #smartgrid #oligarchy