Mas Sajady is pimping his daughter out on Facebook, pushing her to run the same predatory fraud he is. Sajady has ties to pedophilia and posts alleged pedophile symbols -- and now he is having his teenage daughter prey upon women and children via a Facebook group, "Fail the Ordinary - Creating an extraordinary young woman." https://www.facebook.com/groups/766817450439313/ His daughter proclaims she's done with the "black hole that is social media" -- when all she has done is graduated to predator on social media. His daughter holds herself out as a parenting, childhood, and behavioral expert, when she has no parenting experience, presuming she can counsel women older than her who have far more life experience and likely more education. (It appears her high school education was lacking by an obvious misspelling she makes.) His daughter proclaims herself an expert on being a teenager when she still is one, and when she has no licensure or training in mental health issues whatsoever. His daughter is dressed half naked in one picture and wearing a slinky cocktail dress in another. Why doesn't she be a normal high school graduate and go to college, or go out and get a job. No no no. She is the daughter of a spiritual predator, and he is having her prey upon the vulnerable. Somebody told me they thought she was a psychopath in training. Women have said they feel spiritually raped by Sajady. Now he's having his daughter recruit more women and children in his vicinity for him to spiritually prey upon. https://massajadyclassactionlawsuit.com/spiritual-rape-allegations-of-mas-sajady/ Sajady has got a war going on with his ex-wife as to who owns the kids. Sajady is desperate to own his teenage daughter. This sounds like a Ghislaine Maxwell situation.