By HP. Hoodedcobra666 We Are Here For A Reason https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=27966 Sat Jan 11, 2020 7:30 am I wanted to make this really short. Satanic Souls and people of Satan, a relation which goes to the sands of time historically, is something that is fundamental in why we are here. We have a mission and this mission from the Gods at this specific point in time, is to make sure we inform people and do the Spiritual work necessary to bring a positive transition into a better state of affairs with this world. Our world was going into the straight line into damnation under the enemy, everyone knows their plans. Our purpose is to steer this wheel, put the train on the proper rails, and move into a different world than the one the enemy is trying to create. Globalism and the global landscape will not have anyone escape from the Jewish state of affairs if they take over. Nobody will be exempt. Also, I have been honest about things and history doesn't lie to us at all. In all big transitions, there is chaos or struggle involved. The goal is to minimize this. See for example how many people actively deny our Earth and that is suffers, or that species die in it massively. It takes efforts to turn the boat around, but we have to work systematically to do it. This world has always been in chaotic times in the late centuries with many wars, instability, and other issues that kept humanity back from dealing with important dangers.Our planet is plagued by external and alien forces which spiritually adept people have been seeing for centuries, and we were not able to asses or fix the matters because of lack of knowledge and other developments. Most people hardly ever knew or entertained the idea, and these people were dismissed as insane. Today, we know the truth about this, have footage, have books, have solid proof, and above all, we also have a method on how to go about this. People before had nothing of the sort. Today, this knowledge exists and restoring communication with the Gods allowed us to be handed back this knowledge. We are sitting on a goldmine and the golden opportunity that hasn't existed for centuries. We are also blessed to have a place of assembly that is accessible from people worldwide, and that is a world first. People who disregard this are very stupid, and unfortunately this stupidity may cost them spiritually their future, but also weakens us in the face of the enemy. But I have faith that those who are in this state and matter will definitely break apart from this downward spiral. We have to do this. This world is currently in chaos and encountering many problems may give us the creeps or cause reactions inside us, sometimes sadness, anger, or other things. We have to stay resolute in the higher goal. The point of all this is to mitigate all the chaos, the damage of this transition, and give people an alternative to build a better world for the future. The past is gone and what has happened has happened in it, the only thing we can effectively change is the future from now on. How this goal will be achieved has been thoroughly explained in numerous topics and sermons. Part of this is information, spiritual warfare, and waking up people to the Truth. We have been really effective to this end but we must set exceptional targets so that we are successful. This job may not be always easy but it's the most rewarding for the Satanic Soul, as it's in alignment with our soul mission and destiny as individual human beings. Everyone who does things for Satan knows of this extremely deep satisfaction that comes from the core of the soul, irrespectively of that one may be confronted with hardship. The same thing emerges from meditation and improving on the individual self. Our Gods are also putting a lot of effort and this is obvious in how we have previously reversed seemingly irreversible circumstances. One recent example was Hitler, before that, the Middle Ages, and before that, the Renascence. We have been through extensive difficulties before, and we somehow managed to make things work. This happened by people who had faith in the Gods and did their best to work in this upwards walking path. HAIL SATAN!!!