Soon I will show everyone how to move from #Windows to #Ubuntu -- Which is a #Linux distribution.. ARE YOU INTERESTED? Soon I am going to get a new computer, because my old computers are just .. well, too old. But when I get one, I am going to take the opportunity to make videos showing EXACTLY how to buy a Windows Computer, take it home and install Linux on it. I will even show you how to install the Linux distribution "Ubuntu" on a little USB drive and install it onto Windows from there. I will show EVERYTHING step - by - step. And if anyone has any questions, there will be a dedicated Social Media page where you can ask me. So, once installed -- when you turn the computer on, you'll be able to choose to load Windows or Linux from a boot screen. Once loaded onto Linux, I will show you everything to do to customise it, access the Internet, wifi -- the best software to use. Everything. If you REALLY need to use Windows for some reason (ie: for work or something).. you can just reboot the computer and load Windows instead. My new name for this effort will be "Linux Lenny". I am done with Windows. 100% done. I despise Windows. I am a Linux fanboy now :) Linux is better, faster, safer, more private, more customisable, more secure -- you name it; and I'm going to show everyone WHY throughout 2020. If you're interested just watch my posts closely and I'll explain everything. Linux Lenny will explain it all.. 😂🤣😎👍