Throwing you back for Thursday.... don't know what this tag was for or why I saved it, but this is from one of the first handful of MTX shows, a "battle of the bands" presented by the Sophomore class of Sequoia High School in Redwood City. We were eligible because Alex was still in high school... our participation was, like most everything we did, almost entirely in the spirit of ridicule and absurdity. The other bands (according to the flier reproduced on the back of the Everybody's Entitled album) were: HEAD RUSH, RHYTHM & RHYME, MAE DAE, SILENT WARNING, STARGAZER, and VEX. I think we played "Surfin' Cows," "Pleasant Valley Sunday," and possibly "Danny Partridge." I remember almost nothing else about it, but we didn't win. And as for the aforementioned R&A, it was indeed ridiculous and absurd, so, mission accomplished there.