Society, as a whole, has been deliberately dumbed down by those who wish to mold mankind into a more easily "standardized" mass group who will go along to get along and never question why it is the way it is. For those who peer deep into the truth of actual historically documented events and see clearly the "occultation" of knowledge being used a THE power differential... it is our responsibility to act on that knowledge. Chinese philosopher Yung Ming said, ➝ "To know and not to do is actually equivalent to "not knowing after-all". A long, long time ago, mankind planted an evil seed called authority and a hierarchical tree structure grew from it. And atop that tree, the most ruthless, psychopathic warrior, lacking emotional care ruled from above as a God-king. The people were coerced into accepting the growth of this seed and it began to grow and look really evil. Since people could see the evil leaves, a spokesmen came out and declared, "We can fix the evil tree and thereby make it a good tree". Mankind was actually persuaded to believe this deluded logic. Well, today, THE EVIL TREE HAS GROWN TO FULL SIZE AND WE ARE JUST ABOUT READY TO HARVEST IT'S EVIL FRUITS. And because the people are beginning to see the budding of this evil fruit, the police state is emerging to drive you into fear and coerce you to take off your sunglasses. The sovereign is saying that to live in harmony and peace is to plant seeds of peace and harmony. Evil seeds in the midst of righteous seeds will choke out the good ones. The evil seeds will flourish like weeds and overtake it by force, starving out the nutrition to the good. This evil tree, it must be cut down and replaced with a good seed. That 'good seed' is adherence to natural law. Self-governance, autonomy, personal growth has increasingly been steered away from and manipulated against. It was happening then, when the people were not as directly mind-controlled as they are today. Back then the people had more integrity, were closer to nature, had a more spiritual enlightenment and were courageous and active. That, in and of itself, should give you a reference point of just how much strength we have to develop among ourselves to defend against tyranny in our age. ➝ With Knowledge Comes Responsibility; to Understand - and with Understanding Comes Responsibility; to Act; In Accord With That Knowledge. To Know Freedom is to Know Nature. Living in Harmony with Nature leads to Peace, Prosperity, Knowledge, Truth, Action, and Freedom. Nature Reflects the Order of the Universe. Living in Opposition to Nature leads to War, Control, Ignorance, Fear, Stagnation, and Enslavement. ------------------------------------------------------------ #Truth #NaturalLaw #Morality #Governance #Knowledge