Wayne Madsen Report - Ivanka Trump and "The Spy Who Loved Me?" https://www.waynemadsenreport.com/articles/20191211 Washington One of the most unexpected revelations in the long-awaited report by the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz on the department's and FBI's handling of the counter-intelligence investigation involving foreign meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign was the previous close relationship between the author of the "Steele Dossier" and Ivanka Trump, Donald John Trump's "daughter-wife." The IG report's disclosure of a previous close "personal" relationship between Steele and Ms. Trump threw cold water on White House accusations that Steele was biased against Trump when he compiled his dossier detailing Russian oligarch involvement with Donald Trump and his Trump Organization. The Steele-Ivanka relationship, which saw Ms. Trump offer Steele, a former British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) officer, a senior position inside the Trump Organization, reached its height in 2007 after Steele met Ms. Trump at a dinner in London. There are strong indications that the Steele-Ivanka relationship involved more than Ms. Trump desiring Steele's help in expanding the Trump Organization into new foreign real estate markets. In 2008, continuing their personal relationship, the two had a dinner date at a restaurant a few blocks from Trump Tower. Ms. Trump and Steele's relationship began two years before Ms. Trump married Jared Kushner, the son of a federally-convicted New York real estate tycoon. There are indications in the IG report that Steele continued to have a relationship with Ms. Trump after she married Kushner. In 2010, Ms. Trump invited Steele to Trump Tower to discuss hiring him to perform "due diligence" efforts by the Trump Organization. Steele told the IG that he had been friendly with Ms. Trump "for some years." Steele emphasized that his relationship with Ivanka Trump was "personal" and that he presented to her a gift of a Scottish tartan representing Trump's paternal grandmother's family, the MacLeods. There is reportedly an email chain of correspondence between Steele and Ms. Trump. In addition, Steele was also reportedly known to other senior officials of the Trump Organization, including Donald Trump and his two sons, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump. Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that he never met Steele and called his report a political hit job by Democrats. In fact, the Steele Dossier, which contained references to Donald Trump's predilection for "wet sex" (urination fetish) involving foreign prostitutes, was first commissioned in 2015 by New York vulture capitalist Paul Singer's Washington Free Beacon right-wing web site in support of the Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio presidential campaigns. Singer originally contracted with the intelligence firm Fusion GPS to carry out opposition research on Trump and the firm, in turn, sub-contracted part of its investigation to Steele's Orbis Business Intelligence. As what might be expected from a jealous father who has maintained a suspicious inappropriate relationship with his daughter, Donald Trump previously called Steele "dopey," a "failed spy," and "tied into Hillary Clinton." If anything, Steele, far from being a failed spy, was able to gain entrance into the inner sanctum of the Trump Organization by developing a relationship with Trump's daughter-wife. Ian Fleming's character, British MI-6 agent 007 James Bond, often bedded down seductive femmes fatales tied to various villains: SPECTRE, Max Zorin, Victor Zokas (Renard), Alec Trevelyan (Janus), Dr. Julius No, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Francisco Scaramanga, Karl Stromberg, Hugo Drax, Kamal Khan, Elliot Carver, Le Chiffre, Marco Sciarra, Quantum, and Raoul Silva. To this fictional list, we can now add the real-life villain Donald Trump and the British spy who, at least temporarily, loved his daughter. -30-