"Just for everybody's personal information (and for no other purpose such as a "call to action" or a desire to influence anybody's behavior in any way whatsoever): the Mr T Experience / Queers / Capitalist Kids shows in Texas are this coming weekend, Dec. 6-7. Make of that information what you will. "And may God have mercy on your souls." That's my "copy" for my posts-on-google post about this weekend's shows, sarcastically evading their ban on "calls to action": basically, you can list events as long as you pretend you don't care whether or not people go to them. (And it seems to help if you actually say "don't go to this event" though I may be wrong about that.) If the powers that be detect a hint of advocacy they delete the post and threaten to cancel your account if you keep transgressing. Here advocacy is permitted, so: you should go to these shows, exclamation point. details: https://linktr.ee/mtxtickets #music #shows #punkrock #texas