Mental health an outcry for understanding A lot can be said for someone who has the mental fortitude to be able to overcome physical, emotional, and psychological setbacks. We tend to congratulate, honor and emulate them to give us that edge. The reality though, is that many of us while we have other strengths, the strength of the mind can be minimal. I say minimal as no one, suffers from a lacking mental strength. Let me elaborate, everyone has an attribute they possess. There are people who can speak publicly without rehearsal and notes, others who excel in following through on a plan and not letting anything deviate them and others who just seem to have a balance and their lives in order. Then there are some like me for instance. While most of the time I wear a mask to hide from everyone, to hide the pain, shame, and disliking of myself, to only show I can handle things and progress while that's furthest from the truth. I dislike myself because I'm big, I'm hurting physically and emotionally. You know the cycle, I eat cause I'm depressed, I'm depressed because I eat. It's a self-destructive action, leaving yourself wondering how to break that cycle. Don't eat, but that's the only comfort you seem to get. If you're in a relationship your partner feels overwhelmed, frustrated and in a needy place. See what I mean? Self-destructive as you tend to push away those close to you as to when you're angry at yourself you tend to lash out hurting those close to you. If they are in the same boat as you, you've done alienated yourself sinking further in the hole, while they are experiencing the same thing. Ever heard of a poltergeist? That's what I call that as your psyche starts to break and you begin to hallucinate. Hurt physically, well that's easy, I was once a nurse and had a patient that was falling, I caught her. This action lead to a bad back injury, taking four surgeries to somewhat repair. I say somewhat as my left side of my left leg is and has been numb ever since. Still, while there is pain and at times very painful, I wonder if the depression has somehow turned it into a form of hypochondria bi-polar fibromyalgia. I tend to feel drained, ache all over, even to walk it hurts. Touch me it hurts, expelling bodily waste it hurts, seeing hurts, talking, listening it all hurts. Hell, even thinking hurts. It all builds up to where you snap at people. It even happens at work and cycles right back to that self-destructive self hatred. Emotionally, well there tears that self-destructive nature. It all mounts up physical pain, psychological and just feeling so overwhelmed and sad. Added to it the fact that children, who are supposed to bring a happiness and pride, don't live with you as the previous self-destruction aspect reared its ugly head leaving an aftermath of relationship failures. With the victims being children. 😟 You in one town and them in another with their mother, which the courts are biased and one sided, but that's another thing on the piling issues of mental health. Having to travel hundreds of miles to be with them for a 4 hour period every weekend which you have to adapt to every other weekend because of money constraints. The guilt mounts, and although you sacrifice the other party doesn't see it because from their perspective you are not there and are not dealing with the everyday aspects of raising your children. So that self-destructive rift enlarges. Want to know something? This is just a few minutes to an hour of thinking and feeling. All day, everyday, there are multiple things that mull someone with mental health issues. While for some this is an everyday thing that they dismiss, for others it's something that hounds and hounds and tears that person down. Funny thing is, those that want to help usually say something to the affect of, especially to a man, don't be weak, deal with it like a man. Now really, you've done created a resemtment rather than just being there to listen, hell don't even listen just be a symbol of someone who might actually care. Most of the time just voicing these demons can help deal with things for the moment. That's the key, a relief for a moment. To live moment by moment and accumulate those type of moments so there are more of them than the dementors that suck the life out of you. As you can see, I have a knack of correlation. It's just one of my mental strengths. This is an example and may, may not be a personal testimonial. #mentalhealthawareness #mentalstrength #poltergeists #demons #dementors