#operationblackjack #nrbcattacks #geula #shemitah Islamic intelligence announced the Talmudists plan in 2016... The conversion of Trump to chabad lubavich apocalyptic sect as well...alert false flags in cascades TRANSCRIPTS of David Goldberg's Secret Phone Recordings - Part 1 TRANSCRIPT OF PHONE CALLS, SEE THIS VIDEO TO LISTEN. CALL #1 TOM AND HIS WIFE TOM: Hey David it's Tom again, I'm here with my wife, we want to just get you this information right away, we got the dates, I got them from my source, it's real serious man, they're gearing up in 2020 and 2021. Look, my source is very high up in the military, I trust him, he would not give me something that is b.s. You got to write these dates down, this is when they're going to initiate the power outages, they're doing the virus, and they're doing the round ups. It coincides with your documents, it's the same stuff, he's got access to something like Project Zyphr, it has to be coming from Project Zyphr, David, because it matches up. https://israeltodaynews.blogspot.com/2019/10/transcripts-of-david-goldbergs-secret.html?m=1