#genocide #islamophobia #israel #nrbcattacks #usa There is an anti-Muslims genocide planned and carried out from Tel Aviv that will now targets Muslims in the West... France plays a major role in it! David Goldberg's Secret Phone Recordings - Part 1 David Goldberg's secret phone recordings reveal new details about Project Pogo and Zyphr, as well as other mysterious information. Friends of David Goldberg has recovered over 150 audio files from David Goldberg's safe and personal items. These files appear to be recordings of phone calls and phone messages, some of which were not authorized by the end user or were recorded sereptiously. Due to New York State's laws regarding phone recording and the need for two-party consent, we have taken extra care to gain the approval of the individuals who are featured in these calls. https://israeltodaynews.blogspot.com/2019/10/david-goldbergs-project-zyphr-secret-phone-recordings.html?m=1