"Danny Partridge Got Busted" Got Busted!! Maybe it should have occurred to me to consider it, but this track has been as it was in 1986 for so long and is so familiar as is that it has become "reified" in my head and it didn't. Occur to me, that is. What happened was, the pressing plant refused to press disc 1 of the Mtx forever compilation because of the audio clip at the beginning of the song "Danny Partridge." This seems to be a blanket policy they have covering any and all samples and clips (to make it all simpler in a CYA sense I assume) and if we'd thought to check before submitting the master and having it cut etc. the trouble might have been avoided. (Probably by just choosing another track, leaving the issue for the future.) But, rightly or wrongly, it came as a total surprise and it has thrown the release into just a bit of chaos. I'm no lawyer but it seems to me to be pretty clearly fair use, plus it's nearly 35 years old in this form, and I think there may be a statute of limitations here, possibly. Maybe I'm wrong about that, though. It doesn't matter whether it could be persuasively argued that it's fair use or not, though, because the pressing plant's policy doesn't adjudicate between fair and unfair, legal or otherwise: it just is. They simply won't press it. And from what I can tell, all plants do the same these days. (They didn't used to, obviously: there have been many, many pressings of this record over the years, amounting to some tens of thousands of units. Maybe it's a good thing after all that we couldn't find the "Sex Offender" tape!) So what this means is, we have to edit the track to remove the audio of Danny Bonaduce talking about growing up, remaster the disc side, recut the lacquer, re-manufacture the metal parts, etc. This release, originally slated for a September street date, then delayed, for various reasons, to November, then to January, is now delayed even further. We're going to shoot for February, but who knows what else might come up. Mark your calendars appropriately, and... approximately. We've waited this long, I suppose: what's a few more months? So the world is worn away... So that's just an Mtx forever update. Like I said, vinyl is hard. I don't like stripping the intro off the song - it's perfect aesthetically and it's a part of history -- but there isn't a practical alternative. That audio was supplied, way back in the beginning, by our good friend Last Will, and probably the most doleful aspect of this is that I was really looking forward to handing him copy with the audio intact because I know he would have gotten a big kick out of it. Well, I'll still hand him one, of course. Danny's voice will have to live in our memory (and in the form of thirty thousand records or so, plus files and streams and such.) There's no reason to think we'll have to use the edited version for other formats: it's only forbidden, so far as I know, on vinyl. But, of course, vinyl is the only real one. Anyway, hope to see you in February. Mtx forever, that is. Even without Danny it'll be beautiful, if a little late. #music #vinyl #product #mtxforever #minds