Hello. So, today's Song for Odin™ is another one from that May 1995 Gilman show that I posted "Semi-OK" from a few weeks back and it's a cover of Sweet Baby's "Pathetic." https://youtu.be/89oGtf2c49w It's not the greatest quality video, but it does genuinely evoke the spirit of that venue in it's middle period. Plus, while it's a song we used to play a lot, this is the only video of us doing it that I've come across. (And thanks again to Shayne Stacy for supplying it.) Matt and Dallas wrote great songs, and this among my favorites. They were high school buddies down in Saratoga where they grew up, and I knew Dallas from the dorms at UC Berkeley where we were in the same "unit." I met him in the dining commons, knowing I could talk to him because of the Joy Division button on his peacoat. That was what it was like in those days, ca. 1982: every third person you ran into wasn't wearing an Unknown Pleasures shirt like they are now. In King Dork terms, that button meant that the guy wearing it was quite unlikely to be a psychotic normal person. And so it proved to be, or rather, it didn't prove to be, if you know what I'm getting at. (I'm sure my shoes performed a similar signaling function for him.) We "bonded" on music and assorted other shared geekery, and when he and Matt started toying with the idea of doing a band, I tagged along as a sort of drummer. And I do mean "sort of." I used to play the eighth notes with a tambourine in my left hand and hit a cardboard box or a plastic bucket with a stick on beats two and four, and that was it. For the rare non-house party gig, I'd borrow a snare drum to use instead of the box. In those days there was another guy too, on bass, a guy named Crispy Jim. Matt and Dallas named him Crispy because he liked bands like Crispy Ambulance and Prefab Sprout, a style Matt despised as "Ipanema rock". (Which I never really got; but this intra-band culture stuff didn't matter with regard to me because, you know, I was just the drummer. Sort of.) Later on, when they got a record deal and changed the name from Sweet Baby Jesus to Sweet Baby, they replaced, for very good reason, the acknowledgedly terrible rhythm section and I was all for it. I was no kind of drummer, plus I had my own dumb little band to do. I loved their songs, though, and still do. I think we used to do "She's from Salinas" sometimes too. Also, roughly at the same time as this video, we teamed up with Dallas again to do the Bomb Bassets (original name: Cuban Rebel Girl.) Dallas was always good value. So, that's that one done. Enjoy your Wodnesdæg and we'll see you next week. notes: -- Sweet Baby studio recording: https://youtu.be/32oDvd1PTuI -- discogs: https://www.discogs.com/Sweet-Baby-Its-A-Girl/master/366783 -- Crispy Ambulance: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crispy_Ambulance -- Joy Division Oven Gloves: https://youtu.be/JEag0ss9pFU #music #video #nostalgia #punkrock #minds