After three solid days (and I mean, a marathon, three actual full days), of playing I've finished Disco Elysium It's wild. It's soaked in radical politics, drugs, hallucinations, and mostly driven by you talking yourself. I finished play as a fascist smoking speed junkie. Well more of a woman hating nationalist. I avoided heart attacks and psychic collapse, and glimpsed the end of the world. Seriously, check it out. It's batty, and very compelling. Also, the music, the sound effects, the plotting, and the graphics of this engine are amazingly polished for an indie studio. The graphics blend 3d and 2d effects pretty seemlessly in a manner that impresses as much as Pillars of Eternity 2, partly due to the oil painting style art, but also shadows and lighting effects that really you wouldn't expect from a small indie (it's not easy to blend 3d and 2d in an isometric game like this) #rpg #isometric #storyrich #gaming #artrpg

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