The Law of One ~ THE ONE "The ONE is ineffable, not to be described or named, for the ONE is beyond every name and category, beyond definition, utterance, conception and comprehension, and beyond all terms we may apply." "The ONE is nameless, secret, concealed, holy beyond holiness, and outside the range of all thought." "The ONE is a hidden deity (Lat. deus absconditus), utterly unknown and un-knowable." "Of the ONE no words can tell." "Yet men have ever attempted to speculate about the ONE, and to find terms to describe what the ONE might be." "Thus, the the ONE is said to be the forebeginning, antecedent to all origins and events, being self-existent, unbegotten and uncreated." "As the ONE is without origin, so the ONE is without end." "To these privative and negative attributes the gnostics add another, taken from Greek metaphysics, namely, that the divine nature is impassible, incapable of suffering, injury or emotion." "Nor is the the ONE to be considered in terms of any moral quality, since the ONE is morally neutral and beyond good and evil." "Again, the ONE is formless, boundless, indivisible, incorporeal, beyond measure, quality, quantity, and not subject to classification." "To the ONE can be applied no concepts of time, space, matter, or substance." "The ONE is immutable, stable and motionless, undergoes no change, has no history." "Through innumerable eternities, the un-originated Godhead, undifferentiated, unitary, alone within himself, remained in profound repose, immersed in unendurable light." http://booksoffoundation.blogspot.com/2012/08/book-i-ontology_28.html This speaker channels Upuaut from the same fountain of knowledge as i have. Apparently this person is compiling a book, definitely worth a read! http://booksoffoundation.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-books-of-foundation-meeting-with_24.html THE BOOKS OF FOUNDATION BOOK I - ONTOLOGY BOOK II - COSMOGENESIS BOOK III - BIOGENESIS BOOK IV - THE DEMIURGE BOOK V - ZEP TEPI - THE FIRST TIME BOOK VI - πρᾶξις - PRAXIS