#art #film #music #BusterKeaton #Tolinha TRIBUTE_Homenaje BUSTER KEATON (The CAMERAMAN, 1928) Edition & Original Music XESUS-X https://youtu.be/Kit9PHinB8g https://www.tolinha.eu/tolinharadio/ Tribute to reporters, cameras, photographers and filmmakers that show self-sacrificing work, since the creation of the daguerreotype in 1839, fixed and / or moving images for emotional enjoyment... for illustrative Knowledge... to be informed (or uninformed) that... we are 1 Humanity; with cultural pluralities, many differences and too many things in common to continue ignoring this reflection of ourselves that is the AUDIOVISUAL IMAGE of the OTHER, our LIKELY... That Image_Reflection from which the Emotion and Natural Empathy of the Human Being is born. Thanks and share, because... SHARING is LOVING !!!