#art #film #music #CharlesChaplin #Tolinha TolinhaRADIO T3 Ep.3 "Tiempos Modernos_MODERN TIMES" Charles Chaplin, 1936 XESUS-X remastering and original music https://vimeo.com/tolinha/tiemposmodernos https://www.tolinha.eu/tolinharadio/ Modern Times is a mixture... (Represents the Historical situation and a Transition) between the Silent Movies and the Sound Cinema. It is also a reflection of the beginning of the Mechanism, of the Production Chain created by Henry Ford, which represented a labor model with the termination of millions of workers; layoffs that joined the consequences of that Economic Depression initiated (artificially provoked) in 1929. The booming Fascisms (1933-1936) throughout Europe (..and in the EEUU, we must not forget the direct support of the businessman Henry Ford to Nazi Germany), create a culture of direct confrontation between two Totalitarian systems (Communism Vs Fascism), the Face and the Cross of the same Coin. In the middle, the simple and humble people, who seek to survive that Robotic and ALIENING Mechanism that is about to burst with the "experiment" of the Civil War in Spain (1936_1939), and the Second World War (1939_1945). You could intuit ... seeing the parallels of History, which at this time (September 2019), with a similar World Situation, Crisis (Provoked), job insecurity, the unemployed derived ... and that are increasing by the Introduction of Robotized Processes and Artificial Intelligence (5G Technologies) in ALL Economic Sectors, which sooner rather than later ... a new remote-controlled Social conflict will erupt, worldwide ... since the Fascism (with multiple faces and facets) have been comfortably installed to rot the Roots of the World System ... and its "Eternal Lover", disguised as a thousand forms of ALTER-progresism, returns to face each other, self-destruct. ...And in the middle, again, the simple and humble people, alienated by this decadent System, who are forced "nothing subtly" to take Party, to be that eternal "Cannon Flesh" expendable, sacrificed on the Funest Altars of the "Golden Calf", of Greed, of the Dark Side that perverts, indoctrinates, and prostitutes the Free Consciousness of the Human Being. Are there any solutions? I think so... Many, as many as free people are still. Search inside you for that unalterable Ethical Truth, and compare it with the "half-truths" sold by the Propaganda of the mini_mini_Todopoderoso_Rime of << Mandatory_Unique Thought >> of Social Networks, Media, "Politics", Corporations, "Religions", NGOs, "Culture", "Art", "Health", "Science"... Think for yourself, feel, remember... Dare to EXPERIENCE again, learning the Lessons of Life, after each "failure": Recover a Value of your own LIFE, and LIVE with DIGNITY. Do not let yourself "waddle", manipulate, by anyone.