Had to do it 😋 Will Smith messing around in the studio.. - lyric re-write #MindsGaming -- Intro: At my peak I was doing a tube, building the community and podcasts every month, so it was just like churning out energy, creativity. What happens is you get to the point where you get empty. ... So I'm excited I'm re-energized I'm creating freely like I use too. Are you ready? .... I got the game back Dam that group fits in there too, nah I'm just saying I had the topic for that group. --- Its three years of swag ya'll just read, let me 'remind' everyone who #MindsGaming is. Channels through posts up let their views hit yeah shit if I through my views up shit, I'd probably kill a user. The illisest, realist, big Willious, down with no man simulation theory wont kill us. Everybody wants to do #MindsGaming numbers, I dont know if your bot got that many thumbers. I got insipered, quickly un-retired, the gamer clans back just rewired, slightly modified it, still people gaming, moving and playing, you feel like I'm mystical dragon really on island, might fly to China for nothing find a designer, code us a crib with me my members, and grinders. Murder all over our groups, guilt your honor, I'm become mormon marry Anna and Regina, I'm a inomlily I can do gaming or philosophy, Yea I can play anything even a white girl probably. Still 3 years of swag ya'll just read, stop the bullshit p.r and get back to business. Rebirth of the gamer clan ridiculous, what I charge for a feature man that's expensive, cuz ya'll be doing features and I be doing features, so many views we need new boost meters. More information from me than most developers More inspiration from me than most preachers But wait, wait, wait, wait, truly just for the record developers make programs I make developers. Your dinner table what ya'll learned today, my dinner table tokens I earned today. Real life incredbales last name gaming, Java, Jagged, Wonka, Race, ya'll ain't fucking with my shit.